Friday, September 19, 2008

When I grow up

There are a few things in my house that I love. This is one of them:

Three little bath towels, all in a row. It's a sight that makes me happy. And it's all compliments of Tania, a super-talented friend from our years in New York. She made one for Cash when he was born. Imagine how happy I was to discover that two more towels would find their way to us in Wisconsin after the twins were born. Nice and cozy and thick and made of full-size towels. So cuddly.

And Cash is just the size where it barely touches the floor so he loves to streak through the house in it after his bath like he's wearing a cape (although he wouldn't pose for a picture).

Tania is one of those people I want to be like when I grow up. She is amazing. I constantly read her blog wondering how she has time to do all these cool, creative things with her kids, spend time with each of them individually, hand-make so many great things, and still be environmentally friendly. Check out some of my favorite posts from her: the one about using worms in her garden, boy dress-ups, and making heart-shaped crayons.

Tania, you're the coolest.


Lu Lu said...

dang that blog just reminded me that I can't keep up with the jones...then i had to remind myself that i don't need to. cute stuff. i have one of those towels for Simey and I was just trying to think how I could persuade my sister to sew another one for me...cause I simply am not interested in doing it myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was such a treat to see a Friday afternoon photo shoot as I closed my computer at work today! They are mighty snuggly boys, and I wish I was there to give them some lovin'.


Tania said...

So tonight I was raving about Cash to Rick - "he's YOUNGER THAN JANE and he can totally READ!!" Emily wanted to see the video of him, so we came to your blog and were surprised by this post.

Jen I am totally flattered. I think the same thing when I read your blog, & other peoples.
I'm glad you love the towels. I have 3 hanging on the back of our bathroom door in much the same way.

Jen said...

SO cute! Those boys are adorable. I love reading your blog!

The Spendloves said...

How cute! Isn't it nice to have people to look up to who just always know what we need? I love people like that.

Anonymous said...

You are making me homesick for those cute little boys!!!! I love those warm snuggly towels! Loved giving the boys a nice lotion rub after their baths. They are just growing up so fast! They are so cute! I miss you guys! I read part of your friend's blog. Man, she is creative!!!!

Anonymous said...


I cannot believe your friend's Halloween and boys' costume ideas. She is very, very clever. Too bad I did not have that years and years ago. Halloween was my worst-liked holiday because I had to be creative. Usually my children were just creative and went as they wanted.

And, perhaps we can use the crayon hearts for a Cousin's Club project.

And if I could gear up to enjoy my yard work without knee problems again, I would be ordering the worms.

Do you remember when Jackson was a baby, and Morgan wore a football suit, and Jane had the baby wrapped as a brown football? So cute. And Morgan was once a black widow spider when about 6 months of age.