Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lego Birthday Bash

We had a fun Lego birthday party / goodbye party for Cash before we left Miami.  Turned out just the Legos themselves made for a cute, fun theme to work with!

I found these lego birthday kits on clearance that were useful.  Invitations, some special birthday magnets, name tags, lego builder's license, thank you cards and some lego packs with a birthday lego guy for each of them.

The details beforehand were fun to come up with. I found these lego candies online and packaged them up to go in their treat bags.  I also found a mold for lego guys online and melted yellow candy melts to make lots of these to package up as take home favors as well. 

Made these little plates using square plates and then cutting little pieces off to make tops and using a sharpie for the face.  Loved them!

Made a little ring toss for them to toss legos pieces into.

And then there was lots of circle punching out of cardstock.  I punched hundreds of circles out (or enlisted 5 year old help) and used kind of those puffy circle double sided stick things (??) to make them stick out off the paper more.  This made for the cutest treat bags....


And table decorations.

Treat bag goodies:

I had even made some napkin and silverware holders from legos.  :)  

As people were arriving, I had a couple various sized jars full of legos and they could guess how many legos were in to win a prize, and they also played the lego toss. Man do boys love competition. 


We had found a great park right on the water that was terrific for exploring so when the party first started, we sent them on a hunt to find hidden lego men I had printed out.  


When they had found those, we played pin the lego man on the birthday boy (I had some free credit that was about to expire on some website, so I had made these handy birthday stickers of Cash that I used at various places and to stick on the lego men.)


Then we handed out straws and had them see how many lego pieces they could get from the table to their plate using a straw in one minute.  After a few rounds of that we changed it to M&Ms telling them they could eat however many they got on their plate.  These games were amazing - if you want to hear sudden silence and see serious concentration from a bunch of 7 year olds, put a straw in their mouth and give them the challenge to suck something up.  

We did a couple of relay races, carrying the special birthday lego down and back on a spoon trying not to let it fall.  


And then since boys just seemed to want to run, we did a few running relays too.

We did a round of the Minute to Win It face the cookie game for good laughs.


Then we handed out the candy legos and let them come up with some creations while we got the cupcakes ready.  

I had made more of the candy lego men for the cupcakes (and had even put faces on them with some black food gel).  And the sparklers were pretty funny.  Keep blowing... just keep blowing....  they'll go out eventually.  :)

So many good friends to remember.  I'm glad we got some cute pictures of him and his buddies to remember them all.  It's been hard for me to not cry looking back at all these cute kids that meant so much to my son and all these people and families we grew to love.  Thanks for the friendships!!!




A huge thanks to my friend Kim who took pictures for me!!

And of course, I had to stick up some Lego humor somewhere....  (if you don't know the song it will mean nothing to you)....