Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Love that baby skin

My friend Laurie took some pictures of the twins before we left Utah this summer. So stinking cute!


Ashton, Phoenix

I think Phoenix.


Ashton, Phoenix

I think Phoenix again.

Ashton. I love this face!

Cash was obviously not in the mood for pictures that day.

Thanks Laurie! I know we were not easy subjects!


Chadlee said...

The pictures are beautiful. I'm starting to see a little difference between Ashton and Phoenix in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! What fun.I mentioned Ashton's name last night (with relation to Beatrix Potter and "hunka munka") to Shauna, and she couldn't even think who that was -- since she was still on "this one" and "that one", the early days phraseology. We certainly have a lot of photos that are "this one or that one." What fun! Their baby books will be filled with each other.


Laurie Jones said...

You put them on your blog, that's fun. Hey I did get your email and I will email you some of the others. Most of them were blurry or they had their eyes closed, but I will see if there is a few in there that aren't.

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

Those boys are so cute!!! I just love seeing double!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures turned out great!!! WOW! They are awesome! You are so lucky to have such great pictures!!!!! Made my day!


sarah starr said...

What a gorgeous mom to such beautiful boys.

Jenilee said...

Cute little boys. Savannah got very excited when she saw the picture of Cash. We miss you guys.

Aloha_Misty said...

You have beautiful boys!

Melissa said...

You're a saint for dealing with a resident husband and three small kiddos. Heaven only knows there are days when I want to run away too, and I only have two!!!
By the way, I have a few co-workers who have checked out your blog and find you absolutely hysterical. And I would have to agree. Nobody finds the same old same old as interesting as all the crap. Thanks for posting the real deal!

Lu Lu said...

Laurie did awesome! Maybe I should go to Utah just to have her take pics. Hmmm. When will you be there again?

Anonymous said...

Cash should be a model.