Monday, September 15, 2008

Kid update

We got fat.

So I guess I'm new at doing lots of this formula feeding. (I'm still pumping, but having to do a lot more formula now.) Maybe I'm giving them a little too much. In the last month, Ashton (the already chubbier one, the one on the left) gained 2 and a half pounds! Phoenix gained almost two pounds. Ok, maybe I need to slow down a little. Granted, that acutally only makes them about 50th percentile now, Ashton at 17lb 8oz, and Phoenix at 16lb 12oz at 6 months old, but that was a lot of weight to gain in a month! (We were late for our 4 month appointment.) And of course, they're in the 90th percentile for height. Cash was almost off the charts for height. And Ashton was just the first one to cut a tooth.

I mentioned that Cash has become a little more comfortable around the babies. Or a lot. I really didn't mind when he didn't pay attention to them. The other day I found Ashton with a handful of cashews. Nice. Then we found Cash doing this yesterday:


We did get a little video of him imitating the Count from Sesame Street.


Cash also gets the best bed head I've ever seen. When it was time to cut his hair like I'd planned earlier, it was still so dang cute I could only bring myself to trim the back.

A few other pictures:

We all love the extra counter space here for different reasons:

Ryan was worried that Cash was stagnating after knowing all the letters and their sounds at 20 months, but luckily we've made some advancements lately. (Ok, seriously, we don't really push this, he's just obsessed with the alphabet still).


Sorry, my voice is totally obnoxious, but it really is fun around here with these two.



Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable - every one! What a thrill to receive so many after having so few this week.


Melissa Bigelow said...

so cute! Those babies are getting a little chubby and they are looking so old. I can't believe they are getting teeth! And your place looks nice too.

And yeah, doesn't the idea of an Autumn season sound wonderful right about now....sorry about the extreme humidity. That stinks!

Lu Lu said...

How fun. Are you no longer breastfeeding? Just pumping? Imagine the near future when the twins are Cash's age. You will have a serious party everyday. Hope you are totally over a clean house.

Julie said...


Julie and boys

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute videos! I miss you guys.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute videos! I miss you guys.

Winnie said...

They are so adorable. Cash is a genius. I'm still working on Daniel with his alphabet and he is 3 1/2 years old, only knows the letter D.

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

We got cute and chubby, you meant to say. That is pure deliciousness...the pinchable, kissable cheeks on those 2!! And Cash...he is going to graduate college by 7 at this rate! You are the cutest mommy!

Shannon said...

RyJen I don't mean to alarm you but, I think Cash is a freak of nature. He is one of those brilliant kids. And if you want those babies to be freaks of nature too just keep on feeding them. They can be as fat as Garrett was if they just put on 5 more lbs by next month.

Kimi said...

I want to watch the videos too! I hate that we can't watch them in China. I have something to look forward to now, though, for our next trip out of the country.

Those babies are HUGE! Jen, why are you making it harder on yourself? Now you just have more to carry.

Paul and Nikki Fawson said...

That is amazing that he is reading. I'll have to get a few pointers on how to make that happen. What a bunch of cute boys you have!

Kimi said...

Does Cash still give people his shifty eyes?

Krista said...

fatter babies means toner arms for you! thats one plus!!! They are so cute.

Melanie said...

Jen everyone looks and sounds so great!! I told you Cash would be reading early!!!! Im so impressed. We are still working on or letters. I think Harrison knows O, R, T, and Q. You have such a beautiful family. Love love the blog and several of my friends are reading it cause it is so entertaining.
Keep up the great work.

Chadlee said...

They are all so darn cute! I love the new chubby pictures.

Tania said...

WOW cash! It's a good thing you got this on video, if someone told me their kids could read when he'd just barely turned two I'd never believe it - but now you'll have proof.