Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm not sure what I was thinking sending all my Christmas pictures back with Ryan, but I'll post a few from my mom's camera. I will say (encouragement to those with twins younger than mine!) that this was the easiest time I have had with the twins yet! FINALLY! (Those people who said the first year was hard were totally full of it. Or else they had nannies.) I'm sure it's all the extra people around to help out with them, the constant entertainment of cousins, new toys and new places, and also just the fact that they're at the stage where they're slightly less hazardous and I finally don't have to watch them every single second that really made for a very enjoyable holiday. (Ok, until everyone got sick as we are currently.)

We got our white Christmas.

Santa found us.

Lots of new entertainment.

(Like stairs.)

New faces.

My kids actually got some attention.

Ryan and I participated in the family talent show.

And chubs found the chocolate cake.

Doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So guess what - apparently it's our anniversary today - or so Ryan informed me at 7pm tonight. Ha ha. Guess that means I didn't get you anything. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bustling holiday season

Fun work Christmas party:

Helped put together the ward Christmas party at church. Lots of work. Played "Sleigh Ride," didn't totally botch it (just a little), got Ryan to whinny like a horse and crack the whip. Claims it was his first and last time doing that.

Sang in church, made loads of funeral potatoes, made more food, did people's hair for the holidays, went to more parties, had friends over for a Christmas family home evening. Went to the beach to take some pictures for a friend. Saw this:

Why shouldn't you rollerblade in a thong?
(I tried to do you a favor and keep the picture small.)

Need to get ready for Utah on Friday! Need some sleep.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busting out

I don't know why my life has been crazy and I hardly have time to blog anymore. Maybe it could be that we've been dealing with strange things like this weird virus/rash/whatever-the-heck-it-was that was all over poor Ashton. Or the fact that no one seems to be getting a full nights sleep around here anymore. I think within the space of a week, all three of my kids have had night terrors. And they sure aren't the lightest bundles to bounce around in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure the main cause is just the craziness of my children. They're fun and mischievous and infuriating and destructive and cute all rolled into one. Or two. I always feel bad when we're with friends - my naughty kids always seem to teach theirs new tricks like climbing on tables, playing in toilets, jumping off of things, etc. And they've beaten all the restraints we own - high chairs, cribs, pack 'n plays, and the front door lock. They've now figured out how to get out of all of those within the past few weeks. I laughed so hard a few weeks ago when a friend described how her little boy was so totally nonchalant about figuring out how to get out of the crib, just strolling out of the room and going about his business, too cool to even make eye contact. Like she was willing to bet he did a handstand off the crib on his way out and a tuck and roll when he landed. I laughed so hard ... until it was about a week after that that the exact same thing happened to me! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and suck up the fact that now I'd totally been schooled! The first time Phoenix managed to get out of a pack 'n play - that is in our closet, the door of which is then wedged shut with a shoe (yeah, it sounds kind of cruel when I say it like that, huh?) but the shoe is so he doesn't play with opening and closing the door cause he thinks it's such a fun game he'll never go to sleep. So somehow I look up from my attempted nap and see an open closet door - not even just open, but totally busted out and off the track! I walk down the hall to find him in Cash's room just chillin', watching a movie! What?! The next morning I had taken Ashton out of the room to change his diaper (Phoenix was still in his crib) and was coming back in as Phoenix just brushes past me on his way out of the room. Totally cool about it, and same thing - no eye contact, just like, yo, what's up, I think I'll go check it out out here. Man. All modes of confinement - totally thwarted. No wonder I'm busy.

And alright - it must be time for a haircut because all day Ryan kept saying Phoenix looked like a hasidic Jew with those long ringlets on the sides of his head!

I really am just trying to grow a few long enough that I can cut off a whole luscious lock and save them! Guess it's probably about time. :)

I also love watching these two interact, although it usually means trouble - like we found the M&Ms! Or we pulled all the wipes out! Or we dismantled your cell phone!

Probably most frequently their interaction is just fighting over things, but every so often they're also taking care of each other. Like if one is hurt the other tries to console him, or when one refuses to come with us, the other will go back to where the first is lying on the floor in refusal and he'll try to pull him up by the shirt or look at me and wait - like hey, we can't go without this one!

And times like that make me feel a little bad when we eat something like this for breakfast!

(Ok, it's so blurry - but my egg yolk was a twin this morning! Think of the happy life they could have had together!)