Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The joys of boys

Phrases and happenings around here recently:

Cash saying in his sweetest voice to Phoenix, "Phoenix, will you take my socks off?''  To which Phoenix replies just as sweetly, "Okay!" and obediently sets about the task while his brother lounges on the couch. Ah, the privileges of being the oldest.

One day I hear Phoenix running out of the bathroom yelling, "NO!  I do it by MYSELF!!"  And I see Ashton running after him wailing, "Noooo!  I wipe Nee-nik's bum!!"  Really?  Who'd have thought I'd have to institute a we wipe our own bums in this house policy?

Cash is at that age where he can just talk and talk.  Our poor unsuspecting neighbor got an earful the other day when Cash descriptively told him about all the places on his body that he doesn't have hair like his dad does.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was more than he was looking for when that conversation opened up.  :)

And now I'm in hiding because my boys are all so curious after listing off all the people in the house who had little penises and then following with the ones who had big ones like dad, and mom.  After informing them I didn't have one they were all shocked and now keep trying to figure it out. And they keep trying to figure their own out.  Man, I really had no idea what I was getting into with all these little boys.   

Sunday, May 15, 2011

If the name fits

I realized I should have put this on here in case I ever get around to making the blog into a book, and since any other form of scrapbooking is becoming less and less likely. 

It really was no illusion that I've been getting robbed of the baby stage with this little guy.  At his two month appointment a few weeks ago he weighed in at 14lb 7oz.  He was 95th percentile for height and weight.  I hope he keeps it up - if you've got three older brothers to wail on you, you're going to need all the help you can get.  At least we chose the right kid for the name!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Blessing.  Great word.  We had Diesel's blessing, he is such a little blessing, and I even felt many small blessings that day and over the weekend. It was much needed coming on the heels of some rotten weeks.  One blessing about church on Sunday was that my kids stayed quiet during the meeting which is no small miracle, and Phoenix even fell asleep in my arms.  That has NEVER happened.  It was so sweet. Most especially since neither he nor I ever sit still - let alone at the same time.  It was so fun to be able to sit and look at him and study his little features and look for the baby face in the little boy he has become.  And there were 4 baby blessings that day in church.  I could have sat there and listened to them all meeting long it was so special.  It was such a happy day to hold and behold all my little ones.

 I tried out a few comparisons here just for fun.  It was hilarious to see how Diesel filled out every inch of the same blessing outfit that was so baggy on Cash.  Poor little Cash was the skinniest baby you ever did see.  Diesel was also a little older when we blessed him.  It's funny that when all my friends and I had our babies here 2 months ago, we noticed that you could line them all up and know exactly which family they belonged to.  So while Diesel is his own little man, I guess you can tell he really is one of us, and not totally unlike the twins either. Here are some comparisons:

Cash, Diesel, Phoenix, and Ashton
(Cash was just too skinny at his blessing to look anything like his future self, so the above picture is slightly older. The one below is a skinny version.)

Phoenix, Diesel, Ashton

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday afternoons

It was when the 4th body joined the bed yesterday that I realized there would be no Saturday afternoon nap for me.  :)