Monday, September 29, 2008

More good things

I have never been a big one for sunrises. I remember some friends and I making a big deal of getting up to have breakfast and watch the sunrise while I was in high school. It was pretty disappointing. With the big Utah mountains, it was already fully light outside and a regular blue sky when the sun finally just showed up. I wasn't too impressed.

Well, remember our awesome view of the parking lot in our new apartment? I have discovered that if you stand in just the right 1 square foot of space (on the elliptical, facing backwards on your tippytoes), this is actually what the sunrise looks like here in Miami:

Yes, right out our apartment window, looking out over South Beach. We really are in a great location. From one corner of our building you can see downtown Miami. From another you see this - and all those trees are in the great park that's at the bottom of our building.

Yes, sunrises on the east coast are way better.

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