Monday, June 2, 2008

Jack of all trades, master of none

I was discussing recently with my sister the fact that I currently can't do anything well. Not anything, but any one thing. I feel like I can only do a little bit of everything, and not do that well.

The babies. Not much time for reading books to them, tummy time, cutting their nails, etc. And all that bonding shmonding stuff? Well, hopefully they can live without it. They've got each other, right?

Cash. Poor kid, I feel like he really gets the brunt of everything right now. It really stinks that these babies are such horrible nappers because I don't really even get that time with him. Any break I get from the babies I just try to get time to feed him. This picture in front of the tv probably tells it all:

Poor kid has had more diaper rashes in the last three months than his whole life combined. Ryan came home around noon the other day and picked Cash up and said, "You smell like urine!" Oh man. I hadn't changed his diaper yet that day. Well, I got two out of the three. At least it was the majority, right?

Ryan. He's growing a serious mullet. Sorry, no time for haircuts. And at least the two of us manage to at least be in the bed at the same time for at least a few hours these days.

Me. I can't even have quality me time. I shower with Cash throwing a tantrum on the bathroom floor and the twins both crying by the time I turn the water off. I apparently have no shame about what I look like in public anymore, although sometimes I realize I should probably care more with all the attention we draw toting our brood around.

My Sunday School class. Got a video for three weeks in a row. Enough said.

The house. We've managed to discover some vibrantly colored new flora in the toilet recently. Perhaps these current pictures of the lawn:

and the sink (no we do not have the drain stopper in):

just say it best.

Sleep. During naptime today I was on a constant rotation between all three kids trying to get them back to sleep. I tried to lay down 7 times inbetween all this and finally gave up.

Meals. We've learned to even be grateful that Ryan can bring home some hospital cafeteria food when we need it.

I swear I used to be pretty with it.

Is this just what motherhood is???


Tennille said...

I gotta say, your posts do NOT give me confidence for what my life will be like in a few months. But hey, at least you're honest! Hang in there!

liz said...

yes. but only for a little while. and when you start to breathe and have a tiny moment for something - take pictures of the baby feet- those seem to get away from us the fastest. wish i had taken more baby feet photos.

i love this post. mostly because one day you will go back and read it and be super grateful for a future bad day cos it really does go up from here, just slightly. and probably on the longer time scale than the rest of us without twins.

I remember telling myself a lot 'it just must HAVE to be this way, there is no more i can possible do!' and I think it's true. As mothers we know as soon as we are able to take on more we do.

p.s. Zane is still living on hot dogs and canned chicken noodle soup- he loves it! ;-)

Spar-Mar Girl said...

yup. unfortunate sometimes. The picture of Cash is TOTALLY what happened with Paige the last few months of my pregnancy with Reagan, and the first 4 months after she was born.

I swear it gets better and easier! You'll be so glad you have these moments written down in a few years, I promise. Today I was looking at pictures from when Reagan was born and realized everything she and Tyson have totally missed because there's never enough time. But then I also realized that they've grown in ways Paige still hasn't because of it, so that helps a little. (Does that make any sense???)

Anyways, I'm rooting for you. Just worry about survival for now-looking good in public will come later! You're beautiful!!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Jen, they are all alive and healthy. So you could be doing worse.

And I wish I looked as good as you do! Seriously, I know you think you've looked better because of how you feel with no sleep and nursing and poopy diapers and all, but honestly, you look great every time I see you.

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Man... step it up. Just kidding, but I have been reading through mission stuff and remembered that I used to make you cry by telling you to teach more discussions... how lame was I? Anyway, you are doing fine. Don't sweat it, but do try and doll yourself up when in public. I mean, we're not giving up entirely are we? :)

Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh, Jen. I remember those days and I didn't even have twins. And I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same when #3 comes onto the scene.

You get double bonus points in my book just for surviving the day.

Safire said...

I found your blog through Karen Rich and I have to say that this is my life right now too! Twins throw you for a loop don't they? I hear it gets better...

Anonymous said...

Jen, I think you are doing just great!!! I could never handle all you do.....just think you will be home sooooooooon and MOM will take care of YOU!!!! I love the picture of Cash(he is so cute) Keep up the great work.....they grow up so fast...Have a happy day!! Pam
(peds office)

Anne Marie said...

Love your honesty and your humor. I promise, promise it gets better. Things gradually start falling back into place. I really honestly didn't cook dinner again until my twins were 1 year old. Who knows what we ate in the meantime? Pancakes, hot dogs, spaghetti...I was so exhausted I let my twins spend their naps in their swings for the first 5 months, because the motion would actually keep them asleep for a few hours. Can't say it was ideal, but it bought me some precious time. I know some babies sleep longer swaddled up tightly or in their carseats. Can't imagine having a two-year-old on top of infant twins! Two-year-olds are so demanding just on their own. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Your life sounds like Irma Bombeck's. I should find one of her books for you, but you would not have time to read it. But you could do with all those good laughs it would provide.

I love you and think you are doing fantastically well!


The Spendloves said...

This post reminded me of the girl in my ward who has a little boy and younger boy twins. I got a glimpse into your future on Sunday. I was standing in the foyer outside with Isaac and I see her and ALL of her boys come walking quickly out of church. I guess one of the twins said, "I have to go kaka" so she ran with all of them out of the chapel. Of course he didn't have to go yet so they were waiting around in the foyer and she kept making him go into the bathroom. While she did that the others were tearing apart the nice signs in the foyer. The next I saw her she had taken them outside to run around for awhile. (She's prego with her 4th) She'd given up for the last 20 minutes of sacrament meeting. I don't blame her.

The good news is that you'll be here in a few days with aunts and grandma ready to help and take care of everything. You deserve it more than anyone I know!!! (My mom read your mastitis post and called me all concerned about you)

chadlee said...

You are doing such a good job with them. Hopefully they'll be on a better schedule soon so you can get some rest and some sanity! Yeah, motherhood is not at all what I expected either. I guess I didn't know what to expect. It's so hard and I often wonder how I'm going to do it and how I'm going to get through. But we don't have it as hard as you and Ryan so the only thing I can say is that we will pray for you. You need all the help you can get!

Krista said...

okay I know everyone is commenting on this one, but I had to just smile because that was exactly my life 3 years ago and it makes me feel better that as hard as I tried I still couldn't get to everything and it is okay and normal. Thanks for making me feel normal as a mother of twins. we are amazing eh?

Susie said...

Dear Jen,
I've heard that getting past the first year with twins is a tremendous confidence booster. What is going to be a big deal after this? They all have a mother and she is doing her best (which is really pretty darn good) to take care of them.
Love and best wishes,

katiebug said...

Can I tell you how much I love that you're honest about life... every time I think, I need a boost, I decide to read your blog because you tell the cold hard truth about what life is like... You're the BEST mom EVER... I don't know anyone who could do what you're doing!!! Good luck with the move and all... Wish I was closer so I could come help (not that adding three more kids to the mix would be much help huh!?!)