Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Identical or what?

Wow. Are these kids identical or what? We finally got to meet Brooke's twins last week and it was totally cracking me up that every picture we tried to take - even if we moved them around or turned the blanket another direction or whatever, turned out with each set of twins doing the exact same thing - even down to arm placement, expression, reactions, etc. And really, there was nothing over to the left where Brooke's kids kept looking. That was just their reaction to everything we tried! I have about 15 pictures that all look as similar as this first one.


Anonymous said...

But four darlings, nevertheless!


Lofgrens said...

How fun. Yes, they are all cute too!

chyayn said...

Wow, your babies are SO cute! I bet that is so fun to have a good friend with twin boys too!