Friday, March 28, 2008

Is this funny to anyone else?

So after the last time when we realized how much we actually detest moving ourselves, we've been trying to get some quotes from movers. The first guy that came was from a well-known national chain. He took an hour and a half, went through the house putting everything into his little computer, talked to us very thoroughly about how they work, what to expect, etc., and then pulled out his printer and printed up a very detailed estimate.

The second people that came to give us an estimate walked in, said, "Whatcha got?" They looked through the house for two minutes max, gave us an estimate with about a $1400 range (why even bother coming to the house with a range like that?), told us some random stories about who knows what, and left us this business card:

This is funny to me on so many levels! What's with the "Strong like bull"? First of all, why is it in quotations? Is this a common phrase I just am not familiar with? To me it just makes it sound like you don't speak english very well. Second of all, the whole large Polish boys part. They really were large, and they really were Polish - but what a crack up! Anyway, Ryan and I just got a kick out of this business card!


Anne Marie said...

Hilarious. And no, I've never heard of that phrase either. Your boys are absolutely scrumptious. Just wanted to stop in for a moment. I can't believe you have herniated discs and arthritis. Newborn twins are hard enough if everything else in your life is perfect! You are amazing, moving on top of newborn twins too. Hoping everything goes smoothly, wishing that the twins become lightning fast nursers and hoping that your husband will continue to amaze you (seriously, my husband saved my sanity that first year of twins with all the housework he did!).

chadlee said...

That's hilarious and really made me laugh. I bet you chose them, right?

Melissa said...

Jen-I found your blog from your comment on Brandons. Look at your cute family! Congrats on the! It was fun to see you as a cute little mom.