Friday, March 21, 2008

If you don't feel like hearing about babies and stuff, maybe check back in a few months

I'm becoming a little lax in my posting. Seriously, who wants to hear about post-pregnancy and all my woes over and over since I have nothing more interesting to talk about? Except the fact that when you're sitting around nursing all day and all you have is whatever channels come in on the rabbit-eared television make you realize there can be some really LAME stuff on tv. Oh how nice cable sounds right now.

Can I say how lame the news is in Milwaukee?? Seriously, the headline story for weeks has been the potholes in Milwaukee. It was the headline when my mom was here and we laughed about it. Then it was the headline when my sister was here and we laughed about it. And it is still the headline today. Although some soap opera was cancelled so they could keep covering the current snowstorm that they'd already been covering all day. Seriously gripping coverage. "Look how much snow is on this parked car. Can you pan down to my feet? See how much snow is covering my feet?" I am not even kidding. Since I had no hands free, I had to keep yelling for Ryan to come put me out of my misery and turn the stupid thing off.

Speaking of nursing, in case anyone wonders, I have finally started trying to nurse them simultaneously. Yes, the first time I tried my sister took a picture with her cell phone because it looked so funny. I was dying that she took a picture, but she insisted I had to see what I looked like. I made her erase the picture before who knows what could happen with it -especially since Ryan kept insisting there must be a market for that somewhere on the internet. Hopefully we'll get better at this feeding. When I don't feed them together, feeding time takes about an hour and a half total. It stinks, but it's at least manageable when there's someone else around, but what do I do with my toddler yanking at me all the time when I'm by myself? Seriously, I am so terrified to be by myself with the three of them. Luckily we've had help most the time - my mom came for almost two weeks, then one sister came for a week. Ryan now has almost two weeks off, then another sister comes - and then I freak out. I almost cried when my sister left this week. It's hard enough with three people around.

I'm debating about church, even though I know it's Easter and all this Sunday - one of two holidays when even not very religious people go to church. Cash and Ryan and I all went last week and left my sister home with the twins. My other sister warned me not to go to church. We should have listened. All three of us are now sick. Ugh. On top of everything else. Like the fact that I found out I have a couple of herniated discs in my back. Really bad timing. I guess it looks like one of them is old and one is more of a fresh injury. So I'm going to physical therapy (in all my spare time??) and I got some injections today and hopefully they will help, but it's not like a herniated disc really goes away. In fact it only gets worse. And the first thing the orthopedist said when he came in the room was, "You have some pretty bad arthritis for someone your age." See, any of you who have heard me say I live in a 60 year-old body - I really was totally serious.

The placenta report came back and it looks like they're identical twins. Like I said, sometimes they still look pretty different to me, but I guess there are too many similarities for them not to be identical.

Cash is doing a little better. He finally seems to like me a little bit again now. I don't know what we'll do when Ryan is gone again though. He's definitely a daddy's boy now but I guess it's a good time for him to be like that.

Ryan's new obsession is finding a place to live in Miami now. (Remember that he must always have some obsession?) Anyone know anything about that place? We are ALL going to find a place there the end of April - yes, all 5 of us. Ryan said he could just go and find a place, but I said I was actually the picky one about this place, so if anyone just went, it should be me. Only I can't because I'm nursing two babies, and so they have to come with me, and if they have to come, I have to have another lap to take them on the plane, in which case that just leaves Cash, so I guess we're all going. Let's hope we get lucky and find something with many bedrooms for cheaper than it looks like it will be. Yes, Miami is another very expensive place to live. Besides the fact that it was also recently voted the rudest city in the U.S. Worse than NY? Can't imagine.

Thanks again to my mom and sister who saved my sanity by being here and letting me get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Glad for the report on so many things. I am missing those darling guys - all three of them.
A herniated disk can be reduced with ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation and lots of rest and time.


todd & nicole said...

Wow Jen I really can't even imagine. It makes me wish you lived close so we could come and help. Hailee is quite obsessed with wanting a baby right now, and I would love to hold a little baby again. Good luck with everything and you guys should definitely get cable, or at least some good movies from redbox.

Jenilee said...
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Jenilee said...

Jen it was so good to talk to you. I am so sorry to hear about your back. I hope it starts feeling better. Like everyone else, I really wish I could be there to help. If I can be of any help with anything, please let me know. Good luck with finding a place in Miami.

chadlee said...

OMG it sounds so difficult for you right now. I can't imagine the time and attention needed for twins, and then a toddler, and now problems with your back. You can send Cash to us for a few weeks if you want :). We were obsessed with looking at houses and condos online. We used You can search using a map and then when you click on houses it will tell you how many miles it is from your work address. You can see how much houses sold for the last time they sold, how much they're worth now, plus all the regular pictures and statistics. They also give you a rebate if you use them. Now that we bought a place our new obsession is blogging :) Hang in there, sunny Miami is just around the corner.

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Ok, old lady, stop breaking down already. If you can climb your butt up Thaba Nchu you can lug 3 kids around by yourself once in a while.

Take your time in getting back to church. Send Cash and Ryan and have some one on two with the babies. It's brutal even now and our twins are 14 months old. I'm about ready to wait another 4 months until they can go to nursery. Seriously... take your time.

I wish I had tips for you with the feedings, but that was more my wife's department.

Hang in there, you'll do fine when you're on your own. I mean, you've been alone with 3 African Sister Missionaries... you can handle these guys.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I'm so sorry about your back! I can't imagine how hard that makes things, as if the three boys weren't a handful by themselves! I'm impressed that you're nursing too- I don't know if I would have enough energy. I would vote to stay home on Sunday too-watch the Lamb of God or something instead.

I hopefully have some good news about Miami though-Adam's parents lived in Boca Raton for about 9 years and she was the relief society president(their ward covered that whole area). I can ask her about good areas. Also, we have some friends finishing up dental school there right now. If you want, I can get you their contact information and you can talk to them about all that stuff.

Good luck with EVERYTHING-I really wished we were closer and could help!

Heather said...

Hey Jen! I would love to help you when you guys come out looking for housing. Let me know the dates and plan on me!

Also, where is Ryan doing his residency in Miami? I know of a couple people in our ward who have lived there. I'll get you some info on where to look.

We are really excited to have some family out here!

Take care and let me know how and when I can help you!!

Shannon said...

Jenn, You take care of yourself and those twins. You don't want those babies around any person who will get them sick. Everyone will want to see and touch those babies at church. When I needed to feed Preston and keep Garrett entertained while doing so, I would tell him stories about me growing up or Scott and also The 3 bears and Goldie Locks over and over. He loved it. I would get so tired of telling those stories but it was one of the few ways to keep him entertained. Good luck sweetie. I can imagine how difficult it must be. I cried with one that close to the first. And now look what I have. You will have double the fun of my boys. Every day will get easier. You just won't notice it for another few years.

Tennille said...

I met your sis when she was Brooke's nurse at the hospital. She was going all over the place, getting left-behind extra stuff for them. I was so jealous! Too bad she doesn't ever moonlight down here!

liz said...

you're doing a great job! I am so amazed at the dedication of nursing TWO newborns- you rock!

I laugh at the news in AZ - they cover pigs on a farm, the county fair, the most mundane things. New York life has tained our senses, now we expect the best even on the news! ;-)

That sucks about your back, how did they happen?