Monday, March 31, 2008


It was that or the PGA tour
I tried to call Ryan
If he had answered perhaps he could have stopped me
But I got sucked in
The Infomercial

Man I need cable

I sort of feel like it was a milestone though
Like I am now offically a housewife

Maybe when I have sweet abs
He won't be making fun of me anymore


Stefanie Miller said...

I love the free verse! Very creative expression of the effects of watching an infomercial.

Laura B. said...

So...what did you get?

lindsy said...

Nice =) I think that's actually how I got my Pilates circle. Hmm. Where are my sweet abs?

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Welcome to the club! I've been sucked in twice-the only purchases I don't tell Adam about until at least a year later. So, what sucked you in?

Misty said...

Jenny! I get such a kick out of your blog! (Oh by the way this is your cousin Misty Hunsaker Francom) My mother sent me the link after you had your twins because I was dying to see the pictures. I have two kids now Sabrina (3) Clara (1) and am terrified of having a third. Your entries just make me laugh and realize I will survive. Greg is in the middle of all his crazy schooling right now. We are in Hawaii until August and then moving to Georgia where he will spend 4 years getting his PhD. Isn't it crazy. Moving around so much with Children. I just love reading your blog. I feel like we are in the same situation in so many ways...except of course you have twins which is a HUGE difference. I wish you the best and hope you don't mind if I keep checking out your blog! It is great! By the way after Clara I broke down and bought the windsor pilates...

Laurie said...

If the infomercial was for bowflex, BUT IT!! That was the best purchase we made 6 years ago. We still use it all the time. However, if your not gonna use it, don't buy it. I hate watching QVC. Cute boys in your house. Love L

Melissa Bigelow said...

I hope that you bought Hip Hop Abs. That is the one that almost suckered me in after I had Charlie. It seemed so fun and yet so effective to shape the abs (as you can see, the informercial was effective on me) we are all waiting to know...what did you buy?