Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We are so lame at celebrating holidays. I see all these friends with cute ideas on their blogs of fun things they've done to celebrate the holidays with their kids, and we're just not that way. I realize it's probably my job as the wife, but Ryan doesn't really care either and doesn't think we need to bother celebrating until our kids understand what's going on. Luckily we had some neighbors bring over some Easter candy today so at least there was some sort of celebration. And we watched a church movie (good idea Mandy, since we didn't go to church). The real celebration will come tomorrow when we'll walk down to the corner Walgreen's and buy all the Easter candy on sale. That's our favorite thing to do. So we're usually celbrating one holiday behind everyone else.


Shannon said...

Jenn don't feel bad. My boys didn't even know the Easter Bunny was supposed to come today. We didn't do the Easter Bunny this year. I felt it was too much after all the pagan celebrating that went on the days before today. E&A have the Easter Bunny come on saturday. I thought that was a great idea.

Marci said...

I know I need to step up the tradition making. We did the egg hunt after Addie's afternoon nap -- appearantly the Easter Bunny does afternoon visits upon request.

Lu Lu said...

Don't worry...Jeff and I are the same way. If I wasn't with my sister-in-law and her fam this year I probably wouldn't have done anything either. Instead we did one incredible Easter egg hunt in the hallway of our hotel. Glad I'm not alone in pathetic holidaying.