Monday, March 31, 2008

Day One

Today was my first real day alone with the kids.

9:00am: Feeling pretty confident about how things are going. Even had showered by this point. (Did I mention Ryan left at 8:50am and Cash didn't wake up until 9:30am?)

11:00am: Every piece of clothing on my person is covered in spitup. Considering saran wrapping the entire couch. Possibly me.

12:00pm: Woman shows up to do moving estimate. Go back and forth holding one crying baby, then the other. Then back to the first one....

1:00pm: Woman looks really relieved to be leaving our house. I go find chocolate.

1:30pm: Chocolate is finished. Go hunt for more chocolate.

3:00pm: Feel like I may actually get a chance to lay down! Get in bed.

3:01pm: Landlady calls.

3:05pm: Lay back down.

3:06pm: Cash wakes up. Nap time over.

4:00pm: Talk to Ryan for the 4th time. Tell him he better bring home dinner.

5:00pm: Ryan comes home. I realize I'm going to need to invest in more chocolate.


The Spendloves said...

Amen... I'm on my way to the grocery store right now to invest in more chocolate.

I pinched my sciatic nerve on Saturday and couldn't really hold the boys standing up. Shawn went to church and literally everyone started crying, including me. I'm sure my back wasn't hurting like yours is, but I realized that you feel like that every day. Not fun.

This is going to get better right?

jonelle said...

I don't know how you do it with two babies, I can barely cope with one. I think if I had twins I would say "NO" to breastfeeding. . .that is the hardest part for me. You are amazing.

Shannon said...

Jenn when both boys were down for their afternoon nap. I would sit on the back steps, eat a piece of chocolate, turn the ringer off, put a "napping do not disturb" sign on both doors and sleep until I awoke to their cries. Nap time was sacred cow time. I hope you get it soon. I love you.

collette crew said...

this is brandon's wife hillary. it so nice to "meet" you. Brandon has told me many good things. your boys are beautiful- and I can't imagine two at once. best of luck! thanks for your comment! ps nap disruption is the worst of pet peeves- hope you get a nap tomorrow. have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I had to laugh out loud, but that is because that was my life three years ago. It will get easier, as for now, keep the chocolate stash full and get used to the crying. I finally had to leave one baby on my bed upstairs while I fed the other one down stairs, because it killed me to not be able to help them both out at the same time, I knew that the baby was fine and he/she wasn't dying, they would usually be able to calm down themselves and I was able to concentrate on the one I was feeding or taking care of for about 10 minutes.
I can't imagine trying to move too. My prayers are with you and Ryan. Good Luck, wish I was there to lend a hand.


Jenilee said...

Well done Jen - You made it through a day!!! I only have two kids and I feel like I have to take each day one at a time. I sure wish Savannah would sleep until 9:30. She woke up at 5:45 this morning. I sure hope you get a nap tomorrow.

liz said...

yes chocolate gets me through the desire for a nap almost every single day.

but i took to your suggestion of choc. chips!!!! It lasts longer than whole candy bars and doesn't make me feel as gross as polishing off an entire bag of wrapped chocolates. so high five to you for suggesting it in a prior post!! But for twins I think you need to up it to two bags instead of one.

H. said...

Okay girl, I'll bring you chocolate next time I see you. You definitely deserve some!

Kimi said...

Jenn, I like it that you and Ryan don't like the baby stage. I don't like babies either. That's part of what puts me off having one. I would be perfectly happy to skip right to 1 and 1/2. That is why I like the thought of adoption so much.

Laurie Jones said...

It is a good thing we have chocolate to fall back on! Although being married to a Dentist I received "the lecture" the other day about eating too many sweets. I guess I just need to be more sneaky now!

You need to learn to turn the ringer off on your phone. Your rest is more important than anything else. Keep up the good work Super Mom.

Lofgrens said...

aaaaah chocolate. It is amazing how it can make you feel better isn't it?

Tania said...

Your nap sounds like every single one I've ever tried to take!! Although I did learn to hide the phones in the basement - even if I'm not trying to sleep too, it wakes up the kids!

Hang in there - they sure are cute, and the baby stage doesn't last forever. Even though I've never had twins, I think with all of my kids it got better when they even just hit 6 months and their routine's became predictable, and they'd be happy to play with toys on the floor for a moment.