Sunday, June 27, 2010


I can hardly express how much I adore the twins' hair after swimming.

Too bad he didn't make this pose while he was in his cherub costume at Halloween!

How to cover up those problem areas while in a swimsuit:

(Or deal with two fussy toddlers who both want to be held.)

Reflecting on how fun it was to have family in town over the past little while and how sad I am we might not be going home this summer. (Darn the cost of 5 plane tickets now.)

Ryan trying desperately to act like he looked cool in those safety goggles he wore around for weeks after getting Lasik done.

This was actually a really big deal - most ophthalmologists won't have Lasik done on themselves and Ryan was set on not doing it as well. It's just the risk - if they lose depth perception or something goes wrong, their goes their surgical career. But I guess he eventually changed his mind and just got sick of being blind as a bat. Some of the other doctors thought he was crazy, and I'll admit it was kind of a scary time.  But it went well, although he may re-do one later that got a little over corrected. Besides the paranoia of getting trauma to the eyes post-surgery (hence the constant goggles), his eyes did look a little nasty. My sister was cracking up when she was standing by him when someone asked what he did for work and he tried to sound confident saying, I'm an ophthalmologist when he himself had these nasty bloody eyes.  :)

Loving the cute little church boys.


Ty and Trista Swartzlander said...

I love those curls on the twins. Too bad the safety goggles are no more. Those were HOT! Great chatting with you the other day. You look beautiful in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Oh it was so fun to be there! Guess what, I still can't tell the twins apart by the pictures. We may need to come back. That's horrible that I can't tell them apart. I'll have to ask the boys later and take another quiz and see how we do!

Fun pictures!!!!


Jenilee said...

Cute pictures Jen. I hear you on plane tickets. We are only up to four tickets now, but wow is it expensive.

emily j said...

Isn't that funny that the Ophthalmologists do laser eye surgery all the time, yet they are so hesitant to have it done on themselves? I just think that's kind of ironic. I am sure Ryan loves being able to see though!! Keith had it done several years ago and he is still 20/20, no complaints!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad you don't want to cut those curls off...just trim. The twin is gorgeous but which one is he?

Maybe if they were labeled, we who never get to see them outside your blog, might find a way to identify them.

All three boys are beautiful.

Aunt LeJeune

Gavin and Shawna said...

first...what problem areas????
second...that was interesting. gav doesnt have eye i guess i had never thought about ophtho guys not wanting to do it themselves. glad it didnt backfire...that would have been a lot of wasted time in miami :)

Anonymous said...

The one with the white silky blanket is ALWAYS Ashton! That is one clue. Won't they have fun when dating - switching on their double dates! Woah! I'm glad I did not know about surgery until it was over.
Great post.
I love you all! Grammy

Anonymous said...

I thought there was something different about Ryan in the previous post photo, but could not pinpoint it. More mature? Past the second year residency? What? It was the no glasses look! Very handsome!
Why do they tell me I am not a candidate for that surgery?


Anonymous said...

Ashton - top photo.
Ashton - with blanket
Ashton on right of photo in Jen's lap at beach.
Ashton sitting next to Cash on last Church photo.
Ashton's top lip goes a tiny bit higher on the gums. AM I RIGHT?
The other twin is always Phoenix, who has a small red dot on his back the size of a pinhead.

Jen I said...

You were right about all but the top one - that's Phoenix.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Great pics. I'm glad Ryan's Lasik went well. Tyler had it when he was a teenager, and I really want to have it done. One of these years!

Anonymous said...

Pretty angelic "Church boys" - is that the way they sit in Church? I'm afraid not! They are as lively there as anyplace, aren't they?


Melanie said...

Safety goggles! I want to do lasiks but I dont know if I can wear those for a week. Im too vain. Are they a must?! Say it isnt so!

Cute kids btw!