Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hurray for Hurricane Season

(Title should be read with sarcasm and bitterness.)

Yes, hurricane season officially begins today and of course we woke up to a downpour. Which brought back unpleasant memories of last June when it rained every day for three weeks straight. (Poured.)  Anyhow, lucky us, the Atlantic is predicted to have a "bad to extremely bad" hurricane season as I heard the official statement on the news the other night. They say it's an 85% of being a worse than normal hurricane season, record-setting even.  Oh hurray.

If you live anywhere in the eastern half of the United States, be prepared for me to show up on your doorstep one day when I have to run for my life.

In other depressing news, as I sit here typing, still in my gym clothes, Phoenix is grabbing any exposed back or underarm fat and saying "ew!"  Where did that come from? Yeah, thanks a lot.  That makes me feel loads better after just having tested my body fat for the first time since high school.  What was I thinking? Why didn't I just let myself live in blissful ignorance that it was still the same as it was then??

Oh good grief. Now I have a bed full of cornflakes.  Seriously?  I can't type for FIVE minutes?!


Anonymous said...

When I heard that news the other day, I thought of you all, sitting out in your main hallway with all the other tenants who want to stay away from windows. Fine camaraderie, I should think. I remember times in Bountiful (twice) when we sat on the floor in our inside hallway reading stories in the dark with a flashlight through a lightning storm. What preparations have you had to make there?

(That Phoenix does not miss a trick, does he? And to think all that he is teaching Ashton, who will do the same things next month, probably.) Or was it Phoenix doing the pinching, Ashton spilling the cornflakes? Both full of it!


Julie M. said...

I'm SO sorry! We have the tornado thing going on, and I'm so sick of it! You're welcome to come hang out here! :) And my littlest told me it looks like that baby in my belly can come out any day now. Uh, thanks?

Aloha_Misty said...

If Georgia is on your escape route you are welcome to come stay with us in Athens :) The spin off tornadoes that may occur are certainly not as bad as the hurricane itself :)

Heather said...

We can go on the run together, sister. I've been reading the same info. It makes me nervous. I was and still am hoping we would make it through our time here without having to experience a hurricane. Oh, well. Hey I'm gonna be down in Miami tomorrow morning. I have an appt. with the doctor Ryan recommended. Are you guys gonna be around? Hit me up. I'd love to see the kiddos.

Jenilee said...

You are welcome up here anytime. We are far away from hurricanes and tornadoes for that matter.

Goeb Life said...

Well the hurricane news sucks, and so does the cornflake thing...but it did make me laugh! Haha! I am in your boat....Brady is definitely one of those kids! :)

Melanie said...

Rain! Ugghh! Why is everyone so crazy about Miami? I feel like you are giving me the inside scoop so that when I reach the golden years and Im being tempted to move South Ill say " Oh no! Your dragging down to that hot mess!"
I may be cold but Im dry and frizz free.
Good luck.

Safire said...

You're welcome to come run to us...although I think we might be a little far away. :)

Susan said...

Compared to hurricanes and cornflakes in bed, who cares about body fat? Why measure it? . . . ever?
After my second baby I was having a great day! I even managed to zip up my jeans. I felt so good I decided I could step on the scale for the first time. . . BIG MISTAKE!!!! I showed that dumb old scale! I gave it to the DI and have never owned another.