Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

For months now Cash has woken up every day and asked, "Am I four yet?"  Well, the day finally came and it was as wonderful as I hoped it would be. He requested a Mickey Mouse party and insisted it be at our house.  I tried to convince him that a park would be better since our friends live farther away so they can't just drop off their children his age and all the older kids are out of school - so we'd have all the whole families and I just wasn't sure we could all fit in our place. But he was positive he wanted it in our house and somehow it was all just perfect and it wasn't total madness and chaos like I had worried.

First let me say how relieved I was that the free-hand Mickey Mouse cake wasn't a total flop. I do not consider myself artistic in the least, so it turned out much better than how the worst case scenario had played out in my head.

When everyone came in the kids busied themselves making froot loop necklaces and decorating little "telescopes" or "mousekespotters" as Mickey Mouse calls them (a.k.a. empty toilet paper rolls) for a later "I Spy" game.

Then we did some freeze dancing to the "Hot Dog" song from Mickey Mouse-

Then we played "Hide Pluto's Bone" where one kid went out and the others hid a toy bone and then when they came in to find it we barked louder or quieter as they got closer to the bone.  Then we played "I Spy" using our telescopes to find certain shapes that we had cut out and put all over the walls - blue circle, red crescent... and on the back of the shapes they found it told us where Mickey's treasure was located (their little gift bags).  It was seriously so much fun.  And then we had cake and opened presents of course.

I had sent my sister down to the club room with the older kids to do some different activities - decorating cupcakes, playing a sort of soccer game across the table trying to blow these fuzz balls off the other person's side with straws, and doing a coin toss. Apparently they had a really good time too. It all turned out perfect.

Then for those who wanted to stay we went down to our pool (which I love since it's a walk-in, zero entry type pool so it's great with kids). It was a great day. (Well, except the twins of course, who clung to my legs and cried most of the way through the party. Ah well, what's new.)

And of course we had one happy boy with his new presents.

And two unhappy and screaming brothers who were very jealous of his new bike.

But the best present of all was actually this:

A surprise visit from my sister and her boys who Cash absolutely adores. It was SO nice to have them around - so much distraction for my crying children, so much help with everything, and who knew my sister was such a goldmine of ideas when it came to kids games and activities? I attribute the majority of the birthday party to her.

Anyway, happy birthday Cash! We love you!


Anonymous said...

How fun! You should copyright it. Congrats to everyone. Been waiting for the report. Great ideas. Thanks for such a fun story, Jen...from Aunt LeJeune ( it's 8:21 PM Here)

Anonymous said...

OH!!!! I could cry! We already miss you guys!!!! That's a great blog and we are so lucky that we were able to be there!!!!


Chadlee said...

Wow, Cash looks so grown up on his bike. The cake is really cute - nice job on the Mickey. It looks like it the party was a success!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun time! Great cake, great photos, great ideas and fun for all. Wonderful photo of Julie, boys, gorgeous water, and cruise ship.

A party to remember always and he will have the photos to prove it. Great job.
Sorry to have missed it. And to think Cash could have it in his own great club house! Letter to Cash is on its way.

Much love, Grammy

duck said...

So cute Jen!! wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday Cash!
p.s. how's the potty training going??

Anonymous said...

I love the sweet, sweet smile on Cash's face - with his friend and cake, with his beautiful mother, with his bike. Great smiles!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Cash! Jen, it looks like you put together a great party. How fun to have Julie there! Let's get together soon!

Jenilee said...

You did a great job on the Mickey cake. I am very impressed. I just may have to use some of those ideas for Savannah's birthday in Aug.

Melanie said...

Im so glad Cash had a good birthday. Now they are old enough to really remember so it is so wonderful when they have a great time. Good memories!

Judy said...

I'll be calling Julie for ideas on my next party. Those sound like great games! Glad you had a good time.

Judy said...

I'll be calling Julie for ideas on my next party. Those sound like great games! Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

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