Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heaven help us

(This extreme resistance is why we have an almost 4 year-old who is not yet potty trained.)

Step one:
Got the drink-and-pee doll out. Kids training him how to go in the potty.

Step two:
Pottys (some borrowed) and underoos wrapped to look like super exciting presents!!!!!!! 

Step three:
Bribery. Lots and lots of bribery.

Step 4: Portable potty ready so I can have hope of someday leaving the house again.

See how exciting it looks?  So exciting. And fun. Really. Loads of fun for us.

Checking out the new undies:

Ryan was so excited to hear this is what we were doing during his vacation week.  :)


Jenilee said...

It looks like you guys are set and ready. Good luck Jen!!

lindsy said...

Three at once. You're smart to do them all at one time!! Good luck

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Smart of you to do it when Ryan will be around to help! I'll pray for your sanity and success!!! Just think of all the money you'll be saving once it's done!!!!!!!

Rochelle said...

Oh my gosh...that first picture is priceless!!! Good luck!

Jess said...

Good luck!
And I agree, smart to do it all at once.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Potty week! What fun for all???
Priceless photos to record the event.

Good luck. Have a great week.


Geoff and Bets said...

hahahaha im dying!

Tyler Jorgenson said...

I remember sitting on a couch in Africa and watching a kid walk by in a cloth diaper and a giant turd fell out onto the floor right in front of me. Maybe you should try cloth diapers, then at least you'd be more motivated.

Have fun... or at least steal some of those treats.

Gavin and Shawna said...

i get a twitch in my neck thinking of potty training. you are a brave woman. should we pray for you? maybe for ryan? maybe for the whole fun of it all!!

Sharon said...

You and Ryan are the best!! I love the top picture!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you could possibly make it more enticing than THAT. Whoa, doggy, you are gonna have 3 potty trained kids in no time. Think how great that will be!

And boys are also super-convenient because if you don't have the "portable potty" on hand, an empty water bottle always works just fine for this household. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the title of the headlining photo should be, "Oh, the indignity of it all!"

Cash's legs are so long it looks funny. He is tall enough to soon use the real toilet and be very proud about his accomplishment.

He will just die when he sees that in 10 years. Hope you guys all have fun this week - perhaps it will be very helpful to have older boy cousins come for a visit.

Melanie said...

Go potty Go potty Its your birthday Go potty!
I'll be cheering you on!

Sharon said...

You are doing such a good job! I couldn't believe how well they were using the potty when we came over today!! I think you should write a how to train three boys at a time book!! You are FABULOUS!

Tania said...

Better to do all 3 at once than drag it out over forever. Good luck to all of you!

duck said...

That first picture is seriously classic! Between this and the last food post I'm laughing my head off. They're so cute Jen, they really, really are!!! And don't worry, Ezra was almost 4 before he was fully potty trained. Some kids just really like to take their time with it for some reason. But I'm wishing you the very BEST OF LUCK with the whole thing. hang in there, once they're all potty trained you'll be one happy momma!! p.s. love the tray of bribes.. classic!

Goeb Life said...

You can do it! I had a late potty bloomer too, not fun, but it will happen. A friend just told me that her daughter just recently got potty trained at almost 4 1/2. You are not the only one. :)

Rachel said...

I am laughing and laughing and laughing! NOT looking forward to potty-training my little boys!

Laurie said...

Have Ryan show them how fun it is to pee outside. Hope the City won't mind. :)
Only with Haley did I try this let them ware underware to bed at night and wet. It only takes two or three times and then they sleep dry. I will call you and talk more about it.
Good Luck, L

Allysha said...

You brave, brave woman.

I hate potty-training, because really, it goes on for a good year or so of constant vigilance. Oliver (4) is trained. Sort of. When he feels like it. And Camille (3) is just starting. And I hate it!

I used to joke with Ben that whoever did the potty training didn't have to do the sex-ed. But who am I kidding?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

he is going to scream like that when I bend him over lube his bum and shove my hard cock in him too, LOVE tight little toddler bum and he will love my cum in him