Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random happenings of the week

So the "electrician" came the other day. Well, actually he was supposed to come Wednesday at 10:30. Hours later he called and said it would be 3pm...then 6pm...then it's just not going to work out tonight. So then it was scheduled for 10:30am Thursday. At 10:50 he called and said he was on his way...and showed up at 2pm. Well, after all that waiting, here's the grand result:

(Excuse all the junk.)
Yep. He came, looked at it for a while, tried to figure it out, and then finally asked if I had an extension cord and just plugged the dishwasher in to another outlet. Guess that's what they're paying you the big bucks for. In a way I'm ticked off that we didn't do that ourselves 5 weeks ago, but then I'm mostly just ticked off that he didn't fix it. And he left saying he'd have to send over an electrician with equipment and stuff, which made me go then what the heck are you? And he kept saying, "At least I got your dishwasher working for you." Whatever. So Miami.

In other highlights, one night this week Ryan came home from work and mentioned that his friend and coworker, Justin wanted to go see the new Star Trek movie that night but Ryan told him he didn't think I would let him. I was a little surprised he said that, but I was like, "You can do whatever the heck you want if you help me get the kids to bed."

A few minutes later, Justin came over to bring something else for Ryan and Ryan told him, "She said I can go to the movie! I just have to help get the kids in bed first." And Justin gave sort of a surprised, "Oh! Great." as if he were just as surprised as Ryan.

I was laughing so hard! In a way I was a little embarrassed, like sheesh, I'm not your mother! You sound like a kid who has to finish his chores before he can go out and play! What are you making me out to be that even your friends seem surprised that I "let" you go do something? But then, I started feeling proud. Really proud that I actually have that kind of power over my man. And that he's so well trained. What a good little husband to check with his wife before going out with the boys! Then I actually sort of realized (and I know it sounds kind of harsh but I'm thinking more factually), I actually don't think we've ever had that experience since we've been married - Ryan asking me to go out with friends. Um, he actually hasn't really had friends to go out with since we've been married. And if he ever has done something, it's because I've arranged it. Really, he just hasn't had time. And it makes me glad that what little spare time he has had he's been home with us.

But I'll just put that little note aside and just relish the fact that I feel somewhat powerful and have such a well-trained man. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad he got to go! But he is so obviously devoted to you and to those darling boys that he would rather be with you, AND he knows what a chore (but a blessing) it is for any ONE person to be left with all three at bedtime. Hooray for everyone! And I hear the movie is absolutely super. Ryan has many, many friends who would probably like to do things with him, but they know a resident's schedule. So, to enable TWO residents to get out to a new movie was a great thing to do.


Melanie said...

Jed says the same thing! Only its worse since we have one easy kid. He goes out when he can but mostly he prefers to hang at home and have a dinner/movie with me. It does feel good! Ryan is a great dad and husband.

Lima Bean said...

I totally had this same conversation with Jeff a couple of weeks ago. We had just gotten home from some ward activity and he had a message from a friend of his that he wanted to go see Star Trek and Jeff was all nervous to come and ask me if he could go. I also thought it was hilarious, and said EXACTLY what you said, "as long as you put the boys to bed, you can go wherever you want". I mean, it's not like we do anything that exciting after they're in bed. I have NO problem giving up my sitting next to him on the couch flipping through channels until we get sick of it and go to bed for one night.

Goeb Life said...

I think that these things, like the dishwasher, happen to you just so the rest of us have something entertaining to read on your blog. :)

Sam would do the same thing! I always want him to have his fun because he works so hard, but the bed time thing is A LOT more difficult with two kids now. Plus, throw in an infant, who is going to be 4 months tomorrow, yet still likes to eat the majority of his milk during the middle of the night. I work, and am with the kids, I need help, and not ashamed to admit to not being a supermom. I have often found myself saying the same thing, "get the kids to bed, and do whatever you want". He always "asks" me if he can do something cute. :)

Gavin and Shawna said...

They don't ask permission...just show common courtesy and respect to see if that's fine.
ps....I think all the girls are sold out right now....we are 3 for 3 in club boy=)

Julie said...

I like Gavin's comment. At least I'm assuming it's from him. I love the common courtesy and respect! Keep it up! It's what we women want and need. :)

Cory just had to replace out disposal. I swear it's always something isn't it. UGH!

I am getting ready to watch little boys this summer!!! Busy, busy, little boys!

Julie said...

This is to Ryan and all the other males that saw Star Trek. Was it awesome? Is it a man's dream come true? Should I give in and see that for my 17th year anniversary? Would that make my man happy?


Anonymous said...