Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm feeling a little sheepish. Today a repairman finally came to fix our dishwasher that has been broken for five weeks. (I know, it shouldn't be a big deal after almost five years of not having one before we moved here. But dang all those baby items have a lot of small parts.) Anyway, he comes in, unscrews the dishwasher, plugs something else in the outlet and says, "This outlet isn't working," then plugs the dishwasher in elsewhere to show that it works.


I felt a little silly calling the landlord and being like, "Um, here can you give this guy your credit card so he can charge you $75 to tell us the dishwasher is fine?" And by the way, now can you pay for an electrician to come...uh, sooner than later, ok? Because it's already been 5 weeks here....

Of course we'd tried all the breaker switches and everything and Ryan had even pulled the whole face off the dishwasher, looked at everything, cleaned the drains, tinkered around, and even did it a second time when a friend was over here but somehow we didn't think to just take the whole thing out and check the outlet.

I hate stuff like that.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

But thanks for having that experience so when it happens to us, we'll think of you and possibly check that. That's like the time we got six quotes to replace our air conditioning, up to $3000 when the last guy who came just flipped the breaker and wa-la, it was fixed. Uhhh.

Tennille said...

I hate stuff like that. We had our phone and internet stop working. I tried everything, but of course, the repair guy comes (on a Saturday, so more expensive, of course), pushes one button, and it's fine.

Always nice to feel stupid. :)

SuburbiaMom said...

Yeah, that stinks. Our last phone repair dude must have thought I was cute or something because after uncrossing our lines he took me outside to our box and taught me how to test our lines. We need this kind of stuff taught to us!