Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Word to the pregnant

So at the end of November I had a doctors appointment, but my midwife was gone so I had to see some other doctor, who seemed too young to know what he was doing. Anyway, I told him about my ridiculous amounts of heartburn and he told me to get Zantac over-the-counter. So I did. And suffered miserably the whole holiday season. When I came back and saw my midwife in January I told her how bad it still was. She told me to take Prilosec over-the-counter, that it usually seemed to work better during pregnancy. Hallelujah. I haven't had the burn once since. Wish I'd known that over Christmas when I was eating so much. So anyway, if you get heartburn as miserably as I do, give the Prilosec a try. Figured since I know so many pregnant people I'd pass it on.


Lindsey said...

This is great news for Chy Ayn! She and I have been talking about this very thing....oh, how I hate HB!!! I'll be stocking up on some, too. Thanks for the tip!!!

Angela said...

LOL, I just thought of Chy Ayn, too, Lindsey! Luckily that is one of the things I don't usually deal with during pregnancy. I've been so sick this pregnancy, that I think I've had enough of my share of other things. So glad you found something that works for you, Jen!

chyayn said...

IM GOING TO THE STORE FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING!!! Yuck... Mylanta and TUMS dont do a thing but make me gag...its killing me!:( Thanks for the tip!