Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The 2007 Awards

Here's saying goodbye to 2007 (according to us):

Best Movies:

Bourne Ultimatum: Matt Damon can do no wrong. In fact, I was hoping we would have a moment like we did during Walk the Line where we realized it was cool enough to name our child after (Johnny Cash). But Jason and Bourne just didn't do it for us. And when I tried to suggest Linus (Ocean's 13) Ryan said it was kind of a wimpy name. Point taken. (But if you do know someone with that name, good for them - I think it's daring).

Who Killed the Electric Car: Our next car (when we can afford it) will be electric. We love them.


Best ice cream: Loaded. Finally enough stuff in the ice cream.

New discovery: Stretch Island fruit leathers from Costco. I made Ryan go back and buy 5 boxes. He thought that was a little excessive (there are 48 in each). But - what if Costco didn't have them the next time we went back??!?!?

Best restaraunt we ate at: Can't think of one I guess. Max Brenner's chocolate restaraunt (NY) was fun since I love chocolate, McGrath's fish place (WI) for Ryan. Hmm, we can't think of anything that blew us away this year acutally. Just some pretty good places like The Holy Basil (NY), The Chart House (NY), The Chop House (Chicago). Wow. I'm a little disappointed that I can't think of the last really good food that I ate. Maybe that's why we don't eat out. We're too poor for the really good stuff and don't enjoy the mediocre.

Best purchases:

Our SportsArt Elliptical: See this post. Wisconsin weather would be enough excuse to keep us from exercising for an entire year. How do you think I keep this svelte figure?? :)

The Baby Bjorn bib: Ryan claims it's the best thing we ever bought. I thought that statement was a little dramatic, but he continues to claim that it was. We had the vinyl-type ones but holy cow did they start to stink, even after washing them. This one has been nothing but pleasant, I must admit.

Best websites:

Craig's List has to take it for me.
*Update - Maybe I changed my mind on this one. Craig's list ruined my week when I drove 45 minutes only to get shafted by someone who gave away the best deal on a new car seat moments before I got there - even though he knew I was coming for it! Grrrr.

Then, of course Slick Deals for Ryan. See this post.

We also love Go Music. $.19 downloads. Those Russian's know how to do it. And still make me feel legal because I'm paying for it.

Best vacations:

The week we spent staying right in NY city just being tourists hits number one.

Boston and Chicago were also awesome.

And of course, we always love going home to Utah and Ryan got some good skiing in (of course the year he could get us both in free (me for snowboarding) and I'm a beached whale).

And of course deserving mention -

The Best Surprise of 2007: Twin boys showing up on the ultrasound.

WOW. When we racked our brains to see what the highlights were this year I had to laugh out loud! Holy cow are we lame or what?! We need to step it up in 2008 if the best thing out of 2007 was a tub of ice cream!! Anyway, at least we can say 2008 will be adventurous.

Happy New Year everyone!


Jenilee said...

What a great year you guys had! Seeing your baby bjorn bib while in Cleveland made me rethink the whole bib situation. Having just one or maybe two bibs to wash in the kitchen sink instead of 10 thrown in the washing machine sounds great to me. Thanks for all the good ideas.

Heather S. said...

I loved your list! We love good food so here are some places to try in 2008. Do you like French food? The best restaurant we've been to here in Milwaukee is The Coquette Cafe. It has the kind of food where you savor every bite because it's just so...mmmmm. I'd go there for lunch though because the portions may not be big enough to carry Ryan all night (even with all the courses). Of course, it is a little pricey. The supposed BEST place to eat here is supposed to be Sanford but we can't afford it yet.

Winnie said...

Where did you guys get the baby bjorn bib? We have the vinyl bibs too and they do stink after awhile. We love looking at slick deals too thats where we get most of our great deals. Craigs list can be a drag when you are trying to buy something but selling on there is very nice I must say.