Monday, January 28, 2008

Nothing but class

So we went to this really nice German restaurant in Milwaukee tonight. Cash has been sick the past week, but we thought he was finally feeling better and would like a trip out of the house. So we're sitting at dinner and Cash starts just coughing and hacking up a lung in the middle of this quiet restaurant that wasn't too crowded yet. Ryan surveys the situation and comments, "Yeah, here we are - nice restaurant - bring our tuberculous child, the pregnant wife who keeps spilling food all over her big belly (honestly, I was a total mess by the time we were done, but there was too much drippy food and too great a distance to my mouth!), order only water to drink, we're splitting one meal between the three of us, and we're paying with a coupon we got online. Nothing but class, nothing but class..."


Heather S. said...

That is SO the story of my life! How funny! So, which German restaurant was it? Mader's?

Anonymous said...

That's classic!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious! I can see it all now. And was it Mader's or Karl Ratch's? My two favorite Milwaukee places. I am just hoping that they are still there when I come to tend two babies. When I was 17, my parents took us there. It was eye-popping, absolutely scrumptious, and a wonderful experience to have in one's life.

xoxocyh - Your mummie.

Anonymous said...

If they are still there - it is absolutely amazing, as when I was 17 was 51 years ago.