Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not that my status is changing any time soon, but...

Things I will not miss about this pregnancy:

* Being laughed at when I walk into church looking like this. What?? I even wore black - I thought it would make me look smaller. I guess they say the size, and direction (straight out) of my belly are getting a little absurd.

* Being kept up all night compliments of the rambunctious duo. Oh wait, this probably will continue.

* Being kept up all night by heartburn.

* Being kept up all night because of my suffering ribcage.

* Being kept up all night due to all the lingering illnesses I can't seem to shake so easily during pregnancy.

* Constantly running into things because I underestimate my girth.

* The Great Migration, as I call it - complete displacement of my internal organs, and the subsequent return which I also remember being not so fun.

* Having up to 30 contractions a day - weeks before my due date.

* Having aforementioned contractions cause concern every time I go in for a non-stress test (twice a week), subsequently turning each visit into a multi-hour process while they do more tests, ultrasounds or check my cervix, only to be told everything is fine. I keep trying to tell them for some reason this is just normal.

* Since November, strangers will come up and ask when I'm due - fully expecting me to say, "Any minute now." When I tell them the end of February and their eyes pop out of their heads, I feel the need to justify my size, so I tell them it's twins. Bad idea. Everyone has some story about twins, knows someone with twins, was a twin, blah, blah. Running errands started to be a real drawn-out ordeal. I no longer feel the need to tell strangers I'm having twins. In fact, the next time someone asks when I'm due, I'm going to say May.

* My poop having to get through my squashed intestines, past fluid, a placenta, and two squirming babies to make it's exit. Well, it's true.

Things that actually haven't been so bad about this pregnancy.

* ????????????????

* Ok, I guess I can think of a few. Less leg hair for one. A strange phenomenon I don't remember with the last pregnancy. It's like a little gift from mother nature - heaven knows how hard it is to reach my legs to shave.

* My complexion - after a rough time adjusting to the hormones at the beginning, my skin is actually quite pleasant.

* Eating shamelessly, exercising little, and feeling no guilt about it. With the first pregnancy I was so good - went to the gym all the time, even the day before I delivered, ate really cautiously and tried to be very healthy - all with the assumption that I would pop right back into shape after I had the baby. Well that was a load of crap. It still took me 9 months and a viscious bout of food poisoning to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. So since it doesn't seem to matter with my body anyway, this time I'm taking advantage. Eating whenever the idea pops into your head is actually really fun. Although, getting in nine servings of protein a day like they tell you to with twins I think is really physically impossible for me. I much prefer ice cream or cold cereal. As one lady in a twin book I read put it, "I rely heavily on the power of the multi-vitamin."

* Daily naps. Sometimes rather long. Once again, no guilt whatsoever.

* Going through one rougher pregnancy for two babies is still probably better than having to go through a single pregnancy twice. I have my doubts that this theory will remain consistent once they are born, however.

* At least right now my stomach is firm.


Jenilee said...

Jen, you seriously look beautiful even if you don't feel that way. I am very uncomfortable these days with one baby inside, you are such a trooper with two. Many people in the ward have been asking about you. They send you their well wishes. Good luck with the last few weeks.

laura said...

You look amazing! Don't you love eating whatever you want? I wish I could stop. Andrew's 4 months old and I'm still doing it. I really need to get serious!

But really, you look great. I can imagine the stories are annoying. I can't wait to see pictures of these little guys!

chyayn said...

I agree...you DO look great!! Loved the post...keep us posted!:)

Steve, Chadlee, Stella and Baby #2 said...

Love the picture! It's great to see you're still smiling through it all. You're almost there . . .

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

That is one hot BELLY!!! I love it!! The good news...you are so ALL belly!
And what is in the water...I do not know a single person who wants to be prego that's not!!!

The Spendloves said...

Hey-I remember that skirt and it is NOT a maternity skirt! How is that even possible? Not fair! I've officially given up on the non-prego skirts.

I don't know if I'd rather have people laughing at me or the pity looks I get at church. It's a toss up.

Love the comment about your stomach being firm right now. That is so true!!

But I must say that I'm quite jealous you can still fit into your boots. That's another dream that went out the window a few weeks ago. I was afraid I'd break them trying to shove my swollen feet and ankles in there.

sarah starr said...

Sad for no sleep but, you look great.

Rochelle said...

You look darling! Hang in there...it is not a matter of if...just a matter of when!!!

Angela said...

Everyone's already said it, but you really do look great, Jen. Seriously ALL belly. The rest of you looks totally normal! I'm jealous. When I am pregnant that's not the case. Right now it's still the cute phase, but soon enough I will be large ALL over. You look fabulous!

The Millers said...

Wow! I can't believe you are pregnant with twins! That is so neat. Cash is darling -- I love his dark curls, and his name is super cute. What are you thinking for names for the twins? Best of luck these last few weeks of pregnancy. So fun to see how well you are doing.

liz said...

I know you don't feel it, but YOU LOOK GREAT. You look like a fake t.v. prego lady like they just popped a ball under your sweater. You carry very very well. Please believe me. I never lie on blogs. no reason to. I would just not comment if you looked like hell. honest!

Fiber One will help with the poop. just don't eat it every day, then you think you are giving labor and that's no good. every other day. ;-)