Thursday, January 31, 2008

New products

So I saw a couple new products on the Today Show this morning that I thought looked like they might be worth trying. I've mentioned before my love for dry shampoos for those who feel they can't go without washing their hair. Well, this one seems a little less weird (the dry shampoos are seriously like spraying deodorant on your head), although it's more expensive (and the others still work great). It's the same idea though, you spray it at your roots and sort of work it around to combat the grease. They said that the other products can sometimes build up on your hair but this one can be used a few times a day if you want.

Then they mentioned this Fiberwig mascara. I really want to try it. They say it's the number one mascara in Japan, and is just coming to the U.S. but it's supposed to have these fibers that cling to your lashes and extend them, and then you can keep adding coats and extending even a little more. I've always wanted celebrity lashes, I'll admit. I even bought fake ones a while ago thinking it would be fun to bust them out once in a while. Yeah, I was apparently not quite dextrous enough - it looked like you would imagine if a 4 year-old was trying to put them on or something. So yeah, they definitely never made it out in public.

Has anyone tried or heard anything about either of these?

By the way, you guys are way too nice, I didn't put that picture of me on here looking for compliments! I didn't even think it was a good picture - I just thought it was more funny than anything. I was just expecting you to all chime in with your pregnancy woes!

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Melissa Bigelow said...

Nice. I like when you talk about hair products. It gives me some new things to try...and you do look great pregnant! hang in there!