Saturday, September 8, 2012

Utah summer in pictures

Before we get too far past summer, I'll start trying to get some of these pictures from our fantastic summer in Utah up. 

Starting with the trip there.

Riding ponies at Thanksgiving Point. Ashton refused, Diesel screamed bloody murder as soon as they started moving, and Cash looked like he was going to throw up the whole time... 

and Phoenix took it like a champ.

I mean seriously, these were harnessed 4 foot ponies people.  I'm not sure why I have the wimpiest family of 4 boys, but whatever.

Parades, sunsets and fireworks:

And trying to get 8 boy cousins to look decent in a picture all at the same time?  Impossible. Even at Temple Square.

Thanksgiving Point children's garden -


And check it out - a picture of my dad as a baby with his hair clippings.  Pretty exact match next to Diesel.


AnnaMarie said...

Awesome pictures. Diesel is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen. And the twins are getting so old! What great time with family.

You look FABULOUS!

Geoff and Bets said...

ok so ashton and phoenix have the same disposions as usual they coudl be happy anywhere together but diesel and cash look so relaxed and happy in these pics. family does a kid good!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection of photos!
Brings back fond memories.


Lindsey said...

The similarity between Diesel's and your dad's curls is amazing! That is also a beautiful garden! Glad you had a great trip.

Rochelle said...

That little Diesel is so cute! All your boys, darling. I love visiting Utah during the summer.

Melanie said...

Great Pictures!

I am hoping you can help me out! How did you print those ninja stickers for Cash's birthday? That Printable paper. Where did you get it? Did you then load it into your printer and print directly on it? Did you cut them to fit? Did you just download the ninja eyes from that other coopers birthday party website and use those eyes for everything? Were you able to shrink them for the suckers and enlarge them for the gift boxes? Sorry for all the questions but I have been looking online for printable sticker paper with no luck! Thanks!