Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer picture wrap-up

Some of our must-dos in Utah include the "jumping place" (Kangaroo Zoo), nickelcade, dollar movies (oh how we miss those here in Miami), swim lessons, museums, bowling and more bowling, parks, catching up with old friends and cousins, cousins, cousins. It was so darn much fun!

And when this kid gets in hugging mode it's so stinking adorable. 

Unless you happen to be smaller.

In which case you get a lot more than you're asking for.  Over and over. And over.  But the rest of us love it.  

And why Diesel is in the gutter I'm not sure, but have I mentioned what a lot of trouble this kid is?  Some days I think he's worse than the twins combined.  Then I remember that I just selectively blocked that time of my life from my memory.  


Anonymous said...

Wait! Two sets of twins in those photos? Oh, yes! Austin and Isaac.
How fun to see them!

And that passel of Isom cousins is amazing.

Love those photos. What a treat.


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Ashton in the Kangaroo Zoo photo where Diesel is waving - with all four children. And that wide, wide, wide gap in Cash's smile!