Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The kids took gymnastics a while ago in Miami (pictured).  Then they took it again in Utah this summer, and they also took swimming while we were here.  Cash, of course was a stellar student, but it was funny that teachers from both classes commented on the twins' differences.  The gymnastics teacher said, "I had trouble telling them apart at first, but soon realized Ashton is the one off in his own world while Phoenix is really focused and trying to do it right."  The swimming teacher (probably after a few of Ashton's tantrums) said she too had trouble telling them apart until they figured out Ashton "is the more dramatic one."



Richins Family said...

Based on the gymnastics teacher's observations, I can tell from the pictures which one is which. Your boys are awesome.

Hunnygrams said...

Phoenix = Misty, Ashton = Mindy. Mindy is still a drama queen.
It was hard to do activities together because their attention span and interests were worlds apart.
My mom bought them undershirts when they were 9 months old. Mindy's said "Olympic crib climber', Misty's said, "princess in training". It was that apparent by then.

Aimee said...

I am laughing - on our first day of swim lessons, my boys' swim teacher said, "They swim just like their personalities! Dallin is sweet and Garrett is a little booger!" Exact Quote, and I couldn't disagree with her! Gymnastics sounds fun, I bet they loved it!

Ali said...

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