Thursday, July 28, 2011


Still catching up.

Cash had a birthday back in June.  Ryan went and did some magic tricks for his school class.  It was really fun and a great age to do magic tricks for and made Ryan look really awesome.  :)




We had a little party during our usual park day - Backyardigans at his request (my kids for some reason think you must always have a tv-show themed birthday party - probably because they watch too much tv :), and as always the cake took me way too long and I wished for my day back and a store-bought cake instead (although it was tasty since I don't like cake much so I doctor it up a lot and add lots of yummy fillings and stuff).

I even spent hours filling up about 180 water balloons for a really fun water balloon war - we did boys against girls on opposite sides of the fence and the balloons were up sort of close to the fence so they had to get wet or dodge the throws to get their balloons.  Little did I know that my three wimps would have one water balloon burst near them and spend the rest of the time crying their eyes out (the birthday boy especially) so much so that Cash only threw one water balloon the whole time.  Oh brother.


Not even a week after he turned 5, this happened:


The first lost tooth. For some strange reason, more than anything - more than a child starting kindergarten or whatever, this losing a tooth makes me feel OLD.  I don't know why, but I feel like an old mom now.  I think especially since I wasn't ready for it at all.  It seemed so unexpected that I wasn't prepared to be a mom with a child getting adult teeth I guess.  But Cash was totally unfazed.  I think because no one else his age has even started losing teeth he was just like - hey, my tooth fell out. What's for lunch?

But Cash is still a sweet boy.  It seems to be a little more of an emotional age, a little more dramatic, more crying, more knowingly devious actions towards his brothers, but a fun age too.  Our conversations regularly challenge my brain as he asks me how old he is.  Then how many months he is.  Then how many weeks, days and seconds....(this gets progressively harder as he asks the same questions about my age).  Time references are also the same - how long until we go to such and such a place?  How many seconds is that?  He regularly refers to himself as 61 right now (that would be his age in months if you're confused when he tells you this).  He is a good listener to his teachers and can come home and tell me everything he learned in church.  It's also sweet to see him develop sympathy.  I haven't dealt with death much with my kids knowing it would come up on it's own eventually, so since we've been in Utah Cash has asked about my dad.  When I told him my dad had died and wasn't here any more he so sweetly and genuinely looked at me and said, "Oh, that's so sad."  He's a good kid and definitely my loving child.  He has even started paying attention to the baby - which is a total rarity among his siblings.  Now Ryan's only concern is that I fatten him up so his food-loving brothers don't pass him up. Well, it's not my fault he got Ryan's genes and the twins got mine.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jen
I love your stories and photos.A tender one today.
Aunt LeJeune ( It's really 6:43 a.m.)

Anonymous said...

And we have figured out that his Grammy is 857 months old - nearly 858!

Wonderful cake! Fun party.

Love, Grammy

Chadlee said...

Someday we've got to get our birthday kids together for a playdate. We'll have to do a NYMC reunion sometime in the future when you guys are back out here on this side of the country. Your cake looks fantastic! Sounds like a fun party, my kids are often asking me to do water balloons and I never have yet. You're a brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Cash is a great kid! He really does love numbers!!!!! It is fun having you guys around!


Safire said...

Aww, what a cutie Cash is!

Melanie said...

Love that Cash! You can let Cash know that Harrison has lost 2 teeth! His two bottom front teeth. One got knocked out and the other fell out on its own. So I know how you feel! Now we REALLY have to brush at night.

Susan said...

Hmmm.m.m.m. maybe there is some accounting in his future. . .

Geoff and Bets said...

we love cash!