Sunday, July 3, 2011


Ryan has been off for a couple weeks.  He had a week of vacation and now has a week between when residency ends and fellowship starts.  Man, I need a hubby who gets summer break - it's AWESOME!  We haven't gone anywhere big since it's too hot for Disneyworld or anything to sound appealing to us, but we go swimming all the time, take the kids to movies, go to the park, go to Chuck e Cheese.  It's been so nice.  (I'm totally laughing re-reading this: who doesn't long for their spouse to have time off so they can go to Chuck e Cheese together???)

I also crammed in a super quick project when I realized I had a coupon that was going to expire and tried to hurry and do a scrapbook for the twins.  I had meant to get around to doing a baby book for them before Diesel came, but of course that didn't happen.  But with a hubby at home I hardly slept or showered for 2 days and got it done!  What turned out to be all 132 pages of it!  It was less, but then as I was looking through the blog for some pictures I got to reading some of the old posts.  It was so funny and there were so many great details in there about them that I just had to add some of it in here and there into their baby book.  I'm sure some day they'll be happy to have it.  I would love to know what I was like as a kid or stories about funny stuff I did, but I'm sure no one remembers a lot of exact details.  So I hope they'll like it.  It did make me glad I blogged so much.  There was so much I'd already forgotten and that time in my life is such a blur that it made me remember exactly what it was like!  In fact, after doing the picture portion of the scrapbook, I was like, "Sheesh, Ryan, the twins were so cute.  Maybe they just got a bad rap because there was two of them.  Look how cute and smiley they were!"  Then I got to reading the blog and I had even forgotten all the naughtiness I thought I was remembering!  Wow.  But it also made me sad that I'm too busy to blog all the funny every day things as much as I used to and now it's just trying to keep up with the big stuff. 

Anyway, another week of spousal bliss and then I'm off to Utah with all 4 boys by myself.  Sheesh, it seems to get worse every time.  I thought 3 and a huge belly was bad....


Chadlee said...

Our kids are always begging us to take them to Chuck E. Cheese. It doesn't help that they advertise before every PBS show, right? And they both want to have their birthdays there so they can enter the legendary ticket blaster thingy. Whatever. That's awesome you finished the twins' scrapbooks - those are such huge projects.

Rochelle said...

I love looking back at my blog ... it is totally stuff I would have forgotten otherwise. A great family history. Yay for putting it in a printed book for your littles! I am flying with my 4 kiddos to UT on Saturday. I am dreading it and my flight is only 2 hours. I'll be in SLC from 9th to the 16th. I am going to try and see Brooke...any chance you'll still be there too? That would be so fun!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful project finished!
I am glad you had such a happy two weeks together. You all deserve it. Could you give me your arrival time on Thursday, which airline, etc?


P.S. We have a Chuck-E-Cheese.

Melanie said...

Im so glad you blog too! I love your honesty and humor. Even if the boys dont appreciate your scrapbook (which Im sure they will) you will enjoy it and im sure their future wives will get a kick out of it!