Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pre-K program

Cash had an end of the year program at his school at the end of Pre-K.  I was a little surprised that for the kid who cries at the top of his lungs when he has to sing up on the stand in church, he did a great job. Even though he was nervous, he was very focused on doing all the steps exactly right and was super cute.  It was a pretty ambitious program for an elementary school - his class did 2 numbers from "Cats" and then there were about 20 other numbers from all sorts of various musicals, etc. 

For thinking our kids are so big, he sure isn't the biggest kid in the class.  He's a June birthday though so a lot of them are 9 and 10 months older than he is.  

I will say I'm pretty impressed with all he learned in his pre-K class.  I would have preferred one that was a little more creative, but you can't really complain when your kid can read and do math at age 4.  And when he can rattle off the continents and tells you there are 4 oceans and you have to say, "Oh, right. Um, what are they?"

And of course, another classic attempt at a family pictures.


AnnaMarie said...

What a cute cat. And I like the family picture. It's real. :)

Anonymous said...

And he can recognize numbers at least up to 601 - as a result of his sticker book. He knows just where to place a sticker that is #597, for instance! Love that boy!
He thinks he might go on a mission to Brazzil (his pronunciation), which I learned from him is in South America.


Anonymous said...

He is SO CUTE! Love having him around!

Lewis Family said...

You guys all look great. must say...cash makes a pretty good look'n cat. meow!

Lindsey said...

He can READ?!! Already?!!! The bow tie is toooo cute, and I can't wait to hear which numbers they did. I love Cats!