Thursday, March 12, 2009


Apple, Apple, Apple. How am I ever going to keep up with you? Less than 4 weeks ago I got my new shiny, red Valentine's Day present:

And I love it.

Then just yesterday you come out with this:

The third generation ipod shuffle: twice the memory, controls on the headphones, multiple playlists, voice over, and even smaller than before - smaller than a AA battery.

(At least I found a new favorite song to rock out to from watching your demo.)

Good thing I really like mine (and don't need voice over to tell me the song and artist that I already know because I put them on there), or I might be jealous. Besides, mine says "Happy Valentine's Day" on the back - and you don't even come in red.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl!

xoxocyh and DJH

Melanie said...

Yeah I thought the "naming the song" thing was silly. I dont want a computer voice to interrupt my groove.
Love the song to! I bought it. I love itunes - one second I dont have it the next Im rockn out!

Melanie said...

Did you go to your big glamour party yet!!??