Friday, March 6, 2009


It feels like I've been busy. Probably because we're at this stage:

In the time it took me to get one baby secured somewhere away from the fridge, this is what I come back to. (Seriously, like the ONE time I've left something in the fridge uncovered! Besides the fact that I never make jello salads! But see Jenilee? Our love for your jello salad must be genetic.)

Plus I guess there have been birthdays, I've been baking cakes, making strawberry pies, doing hair, having book group, trying to get in some exercise and of course been on the dress hunt. The first store I walked in when I went to South Beach to go shopping made me realize immediately: this is going to be really hard not to spend a lot of money on all the other things I find while trying to find a dress.

But I have found so many cute more casual dresses while looking for a fancy dress that I am realizing I need to buy some dresses. I have issues with this though - I'm tall, so usually if there is a waist it sits too high on me and doesn't fit right. Also, every model wearing a dress is bone thin, so I think that scares me away because they seem less forgiving than a skirt and top. But here are some of my recent dress finds that I want (not for the formal affair, obviously).

This one from JCrew. Never knew they have a whole wedding section. This is listed as a bridesmaid dress, but whatever. It's stinking cute.

This one from Boden. Looks like a great dress for Miami and hot summers.

I also like this one (Boden).

But I especially love this
dress from Boden:

Shabby Apple has some cute ones like these two:

And I saw many, many more that were oh so cute. Hmm, I need another excuse to buy some dresses. Mother's Day is way too far away.


Tennille said...

Those dresses are all so cute! I love dresses, too, but only really in the spring and summer. Or maybe it's that I can never find cute winter dresses. There's a store here called Urban Wear--they have the cutest dresses and for fairly cheap. I have to control myself when I go in there.

Anonymous said...

I love all those dresses except the orange plaid. J.Crew has things that can be ordered Tall. I have checked into it since Michelle Obama came on the scene.

You definitely need one or perhaps two dresses to get through the summer. They are way better than skirts and tops.

Love the photos of the boys. I wondered why we had not had a post for quite some time, in spite of the fact that I love Ryan's photo and the tribute to him for his birthday. You have all been busy! Especially busy boys.

xoxo Grammy C.

Anonymous said...

I give up! The orange one and the white one are probably the only ones that are washable, and they look plenty long. I love them all, even the orange one.

xoxo Grammy C.

Jenilee said...

The one year old stage - holy cow it is busy. They can get into everything so quickly. Glad to hear you are still loving the jello salad (pink goodies as we call them). My girls don't really like it, but I do.
The dresses are all so cute. I need all clothes very badly, but life goes on.

chyayn said...

Jen! I posted this same post about Jane just a few days ago-haha I CANT EVEN IMAGINE DOUBLE TROUBLE! She is into EVERYTHING! I had to pry ashes out of her hands yesterday when she got into the fireplace! YIKES.

Anonymous said...

Hello! So fun to see those cute dresses and dream, for both the body and the wardrobe! :)

Oh those boys!!!! WOW! Can't wait to show my boys the video. I can't even begin to imagine how busy the 3 of them will be together!!!! Good luck!!!!

Love and miss you!


Shannon said...

Those boys are so dang cute. Ryan of course is my favorite with his chocolate brown eyes and the chocolate chip stain on his hand, and his Isom smile. I am so excited to see you all this summer.

H. said...

Very cute dresses. Good luck not spending too much. You'll look awesome though!

LuAnn said...

I need a dress for family pictures. Well, honestly I have one that would look good. But I found some coordinating dress pants for my boys on clearance and Janie and Jack. I am going to get them ties and they have sweaters. They are going to be in mostly grey and maybe dark red. So what I'm saying is...since I found you your stroller (and I thought the dress...didn't you find it on ebay? what happened) you kind of owe me one. Find me a dress. I'd love a floral wrap. But since they will be in Oh, but I do have a great skirt I could wear. Um...

LuAnn said...

Oh and good luck with the boys. What if it gets worse and not better? Yikes. I just think everything gets better when they can feed long as you line your house with bumper pads, lock everything, and put everything 3 feet from the ground.

Can I also say your mom is so sweet? I love her thoughtful and helpful comments.

Laurie said...

Try Costco for Jeans for Ryan, I am serious. Laurie