Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy 31st birthday Ryan! I love this picture of him. He is the 8th of 9 children and they grew up on a cattle farm in Idaho. If I'm remembering correctly, everyone else was outside and someone finally realized they didn't know where Ryan was and they eventually found him by himself in the kitchen making a mess.

This year, I think I'll share one of my favorite memories of Ryan. We went to London and Paris for our belated "honeymoon." (I use that term loosely because we were shacking up with my friend who lived in London, so really, is that considered a honeymoon?) Anyhow, our last day there, we were trying to catch the Tube to go back to the airport. As we were walking through the station, Ryan noticed that the train we wanted was about to leave. Personally, I'm sort of a there's-always-another-train-behind-it kind of person. But Ryan's reaction was to instantaneously turn around, rip my luggage out of my arms and yell "Come on!" as he turns back and starts into a run, bounds down a flight of stairs and leaps through the shutting subway doors just in time to wedge them open using his He-Man strength and my luggage to keep them from closing all the way. (Mind you, the doors there do not bounce back open if something is in the way). He turns and yells, "GET IN! GET IN!!" at me. I'm a little torn at this point trying to decide which appendage I value the least and sizing up what he has in mind - am I supposed to dive between his legs? Do I just shove and say goodbye to whatever doesn't make it inside? Do they allow you on the plane with a bloddy nub? So I finally attempt to stick my hands in the door and pry with all my might to get the one side to open a little wider and then throw myself in, knocking Ryan and I both into the train, but at least remaining in one (albeit disheveled) piece.

Now just imagine us finally landing in this train, gathering our stuff, pulling ourselves back together, and then looking up to see a whole quiet car, full of people all calmly sitting in their seats... staring at us. Um, needless to say, it was a little bit of an overdramatic entrance for the two dumb Americans. Especially when you realize that there is always another train just minutes behind. And even more ridiculous when we realize - we've gotten on the wrong train.

But I tell you this story because it illustrates a point: I love the times we have together and the memories we make. I love that Ryan can make our life so colorful. I love that we find amusement in all of the crazy things that go on in our life and that we can share our sense of humor. I think we'd lose our minds if we didn't. And maybe that was just a foreshadowing of all the staring that was to come in our life (you should have seen us last week on trendy Lincoln Road in South Beach with our crazy double/triple stroller)! There's no one else I would rather make a scene with. And perhaps I just love that he can be a superhero if he wants to. Why shouldn't a grown man get to every once in a while?

I'm one lucky damsel.


Angela said...

I had to stifle my uproarious laughter while reading this post so as not to wake the baby. You are hilarious! That Ryan, what a guy.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ryan! You've been a great addition to our family.

xoxocyh Carolyn H.

Ty and Trista Swartzlander said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I love the story! I would have laughed my fool head off if I had been on the train and seen that all go down. :)

Gavin and Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Funny Ryan! That's how Christian remembers him...the funny guy in NY that could do the coin trick!
Good times!

Julie said...

Hey Ryan!

Hope you've had a great day!!!! Our family wouldn't be the same without you! You are awesome!!! Such a fun addition to our family!!!! Sure love ya!


The Spendloves said...

I still want to know how Ryan does the card trick. I think that's Shawn's first memory of him.

I can't wait until Ryan is done with this whole residency thing and we can all start traveling again :)Those were good times.

Posso andare in treno con un bicicletta?

Shannon said...

Ah little RyPie! We love you Cheesy Eggs!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Anonymous said...

i love ryan! happy birthday! we miss you all!

Winnie said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Love that story.