Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye stinky helmet

We've worn you faithfully for three and a half months. You smell like death. You made Ashton's head smell like death, no matter how much we washed it. You ensured ridiculous comments would come from small children and retired people everywhere. "What's wrong with him?" "What happened to his head?" (kids). And the old-timers: "Wow, you must be a real trouble-maker for them to put you in that contraption!" "What - you been riding motorcycles?" "That must have been some accident!" And then when I would say that it was to help round out his head, that it was a little flat on one side, the old folks would usually shake their heads in disgust, like I was suddenly and unmistakably the most vain mother in the world. "What?! The things they do these days to make you boys look pretty..."

And we certainly didn't go through what some people do for these - some people in the office we went to come from South America or the Bahamas to get helmets and then have to fly back here every two weeks to get their helmets adjusted. Really, I wasn't that die-hard about it.

At least Ashton didn't seem to mind. In fact, I'm not even sure he ever knew he even wore a helmet. But it seems like it worked pretty well (and he was never that bad to begin with). After our last appointment, they let us keep the helmet. For...??? Posterity's sake? A funny dress-up for the other kids? Re-sell them on ebay? (Too bad they don't work that way, or I might be tempted by the $3600 price tag. Good thing our insurance covered it.) I'm not sure what sort of sentimental value people have for these things, or what they do with them when they're through with them, but I'm pretty sure this bad boy is headed straight for the garbage. When we first got it, they told us that really, there was no way to avoid it getting stinky. Can you imagine if it was the dead of summer when we had it??

Pretty soon I won't know what to do with all my spare time - physical therapy is coming to an end too. I'm not quite sure how to break the news to Cash, but wow - between that and the helmet checks, think of how much less guilt I will feel about never being on time to so many different appointments.

At least I can snuggle and kiss your cute little head again, Ashton! That will be a nice treat after repeatedly going in for a love and being deceived by that potent little piece of plastic.


liz said...

you crack me up! dress ups. hehe. i never thought about it being stinky- interseting thing to learn. i guess one could hang scented trees from the boy's ears to offset it and THEN imagine the comments you would get!!!

hooray for no more helmet.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Yeah, it's amazing that they don't recycle those, for less fortunate kids who need them, or for medical camps in foreign countries, etc. All you can do is throw it away, I guess! Yay for that part to be over! And yay for insurance!

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to have over with. Now you can just enjoy the children out of doors, instead of having to drive 30 minutes each way to appointments "to get out."

On to the great new curls that might start growing where the hair was slightly rubbed by the helmet.

Goodbye to daily cleaning of the helmet with alcohol. Baths to clean the baby to continue enjoyably, not to have to worry about putting him back in his helmet.


Kelly said...

I just stumbled upon your Blog the other day via someone else's Blog, and I have so enjoyed reading it! Your boys are precious! I love all your funny stories of the day-to-day with them. What a great mom you are with your husband away as much as he is - you deserve a big pat on the back!

I have family in Miami, and it really is a completely different culture down there! Seems like you have found your niche though! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh cute!!!! We love Ashton!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!! How will we tell them apart now??????


Rich said...

You could keep the helmet in the same box as their shriveled up umbilical cords. . . You did keep their shriveled up umbilical cords didn't you???

The Freemans said...

I always love reading what you have to say. I always get a good laugh!!! I'm sure it is so nice to get rid those...We are totally happy for you but always loved seeing the photos of your cute boys running around in them! By the way I ran into
D.J. who had his kids in the McDonalds playland. It made me think of you. Great names from the past...Right? :)!!!