Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to reality

Tomorrow we head back to Miami. Kind of like everyone's January wish is my reality. I enjoyed the beautiful snowy time we had in Utah, and now I'm going back to my 75 degree sunshine state with a cruise on the horizon. I will miss these views out the window:

I will also miss hours of family time, wearing jeans and feeling like I'm not trying too hard to pretend it's jeans weather, all the free child entertainment, straight hair, sleeping in when my mom was home, my kids even sleeping in (I have no idea why this always happens at grandma's house and cannot be replicated at my own), and not having to deal with bedtime (my nemesis) by myself for the past few weeks.

But I won't miss the nosebleeds, the reptilian skin, getting stuck in the snow while driving, and the not-quite-childproof house. Or spending too much money. It's really probably better for me when I can't (or don't) go shopping anywhere by myself because of the three little train wrecks that would accompany me.

I'm a little worried though - I wasn't freezing in Utah like I thought I would be, so now I'm afraid I'm not acclimating very well to Miami! Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back for another long stint when it's time to run away from Miami in the summer.

And luckily flying east is slightly quicker than flying west.

Be back once I'm settled back into reality.

(Ok, ok - it's not even real reality yet. My mom is coming back with me (can't have two lap-babies in one lap on the plane - not that I would want to if I could), and she's staying for a few weeks. She just retired last Friday. So where do people go when they retire? Miami! To change diapers and wipe noses and get spit up on and be surrounded by three screaming babies, of course....)


Laurie Jones said...

Have a safe trip home-I was glad that we got to see you. I am also glad you get to have your Mom home with you! I will miss your posts while you are gone.

Melanie said...

Very very jealous of you right now. We just got more snow today - I was woken up at 1am by snow plows in the alley. The High this week will be -5. What an oxymoron, high of -5. 75 would feel like heaven!

Megan said...

What a great family you have! It must make it easier to get people to fly around and help you when you have a destination like Miami waiting instead of Milwaukee :)

Jess said...

I agree with Melanie...75 would feel wonderful right now.
Have a safe trip home and enjoy the time with your mom.

Safire said...

Have a safe trip home! I'm feeling very jealous of your mom being retired and coming out to stay with you. Sigh...I wish my mom could come to my house!

Jenilee said...

Good luck with the trip back. How nice to have you mom come back with you. I didn't realize you were still in Utah, what a nice long vacation!

SSAS said...

Enjoy your cruise!