Friday, November 7, 2008


Just a few random thoughts I thought I'd pen.

I know elections were so three days ago, but I never took the time to write anything about them. As I walked up to the building where we voted, I saw a man and a woman with signs that said "NO on Proposition 2." Proposition 2 is Florida's version of the California Prop 8. You were to vote yes if you wanted to protect marriage as between a man and a woman. When I approached, the woman said, "Have you heard of Proposition 2?" I felt really good that I could firmly, but politely, say, "Yes, I've heard of it, and I'm voting yes." She just sort of said, "Oh..." and let me pass.

I had a lot of thoughts about that moment. My first thought was - that was a pretty good strategy to be right outside the voting booths. If you hadn't heard of proposition 2 and didn't know any better and the last thing you heard from two decent looking, normal middle-aged people before you voted was to vote "no" on it, well that could potentially be very influential. Especially since the description of the proposition was like only one sentence. You would never know all the ramifications that that law entailed. I thought about things I could say to her, like, "You see these beautiful little boys I have here (that my husband and I made), do you really think I want their innocent minds being taught homosexual sex education in schools?" (which would happen if the proposition to protect marriage didn't pass). And then when I thought about the consequences of her being the last thing people saw before they went in, I felt like I should make my own signs and come back and stand next to her with my three little kids, telling people to vote yes on Prop 2. Only I didn't want to be too confrontational. And my kids were getting tired.

But the thing I felt most of all, was very proud that I could be so politely firm about my answer, not embarrassed, and completely unapologetic. And they were so obviously trying to play on people's emotions, as their signs also said, "Stop the hate." It has nothing to do with hate. I don't hate gay people at all. But I will speak out to say what marriage is. I believe God is clear on the issue, and I am too.

The other worry I realized though is that the margins these propositions passed by were not huge. Better here than in California, but I was listening on the news that the more of the older population voted yes on these, and more of the younger generation voted no. So by the time our kids are older, I'm sure these issues won't be overturned anymore. Sad.

But on a more positive note, there was NO LINE when I went to the polls! That was a relief.

And Wednesday morning was another really awesome moment in mothering. I had post-election hangover from watching all the election stuff on eastern standard time. I was really banking on having one of those every once in a while mornings where all the kids sleep later than usual. Not so, especially not the week after daylight savings time. So I had to get up at 6 with the twins, and then when Cash woke up right as I put them down for a nap, I did something I've never done before - took in the portable DVD player, set it up outside his crib (so he couldn't mess with the buttons and accidentally turn it off and start yelling for me), put in the longest DVD we have, and when he seemed a little weirded out by the whole thing I had to leave him with threats not to cry or he couldn't watch his movie. Nice. Got another hour or so of sleep that way.


I have a new strategy for Costco. Well, let me start off by saying, I have actually been to Costco TWICE by myself now with all three kids. I know, many of you go to the store with three or more kids all the time. I'm not one of those. It terrifies me. Going anywhere with all three of my kids still terrifies me. I know how quickly things can get out of control. But I have never been grocery shopping with them. Not only is it just not fun, it's logistics. How? At best I could wear one baby, put one infant seat in the cart and have Cash sitting in the cart, but then, um, groceries? Where do they go?

So my new strategy is to just take in the double stroller, let Cash walk, and then I can only buy whatever fits in the bottom of the stroller. There you have it - how to do Costco cheaply. (Well, cheaper.) And I totally had to smile when I saw an African guy carrying around a Costco-sized box of like Lever 2000 or something on his head, all throughout the store. Such a genuinely African talent. I attempted carrying buckets of water on my head a few times, and basically just ended up wet. But anyhow, I thought, hmm, that would be a good skill for me to learn when coming to Costco with just my stroller and all my kids.

Anyhow, enjoy your weekend everyone. Ryan is taking his FIRST WEEK OFF since starting here next week!!


Tennille said...

Good timing on your post--I had been thinking today that I should take all five kids grocery shopping, but after reading your post, I remembered again why taking all of them anywhere by myself most definitely sucks. Thanks!

Julie M. said...

I, like you, HATE taking my kids grocery shopping. I can do one. That's it! And, seriously awesome about the week off! I hope you have fun!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I love that about the African guy. What a skill to have. And good job voting. And yes, I hope you have a fabulous week with Ryan help!

Anonymous said...

Have a great, wonderful, happy week with Ryan home!


Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

Any suggestions as a wife whose hubby is off to interview for ophtho starting next week? i wish i could go home and get help from fam...but i have a kid in school and soccer and piano...too many obligations!
So...what are you going to do with a whole week of help?? besides sleep without a dvd player??

SSAS said...

Nice. Guess what? Dave is going to have this next week off too. Too bad we can't hang out...

Kimi said...

I'm signed up for email alerts for a couple of websites travel specials. Usually the cruise ones are sent to me from Expedia. The links aren't working for me right now, but I will email it to you once it does.

Aimee said...

I'm impressed with your response as well. I, too, have been thinking about how this issue is going to come back up. It passed here in Arizona, too, but the margins were close and the opinions were heated. We got an email in our ward asking for volunteers on election day because the other side would have plenty of people manning the poll lines trying to sway voters. I need to practice confidently expressing my opinions without being offensive. Thanks for the great example. And congrats on your first time voting!


Goeb Life said...

Hey Jen,

I totally agree with you about marriage, and good for you for sticking to your beliefs. I see the morals of our society dwindling by the day. It is really sad.

And about grocery shopping, I take Eva and even that is hard for me. I don't think that I am going to be taking the two of them if I can help it. :)