Monday, November 3, 2008

The $150,000 wardrobe

Controversy nothing. The only one who needs to be answering questions right now is Hillary - why didn't she do this years ago???

Letterman's Top 10 "Sarah Palin Excuses For Spending $150,000 on Clothes"

10. "Need to look good for the Russians who can see me in Alaska."

9. "The old man spends more on Polident."

8. "Auditioning to be Paris Hilton's BFF."

7. "Wanted to impress the American voters in the evening gown competition."

6. "Maverick, Joe the Plumber, Maverick, Maverick, William Ayers, You Betcha!"

5. "I fell for the liberal retailers' gotcha sales tactics."

4. "Because the dollar is so weak, it's really like I only spent $50,000."

3. "Hmm...excuses? I'll find some and I'll get right back to ya!"

2. "In addition to every newspaper and magazine, I also read every catalog."

1. "The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: lipstick, Prada shoes, a Gucci handbag, and a few $3000 suits."

Happy election day tommorrow. I'm excited - I am (as the media has been calling it lately) a virgin voter. Can you believe it? Here I am almost 30 years old!! But the first major election I was in Africa, and then the last one we lived in New York and I wasn't a resident. I just didn't see the point in doing an absentee ballot for UTAH. Like that would be worth all the effort. But it's exciting to live in a real battleground state where my vote actually matters. And where I get to make my voice heard to preserve traditional marriage. I'm only anxious that the line will be hours long and I'll have three screaming children!


Anonymous said...

I'm a virgin voter too. I am finding myself excited to vote, but not so much with the kids as well. It'll be interesting to swap stories later.

Anonymous said...

And the interesting thing about the wardrobe is that Sarah Palin got all the flack but the McCain staff members are the ones who did the shopping. She had nothing to do with it, apparently. Good choices! I need a couple of those suits.

Thank you for printing the Church's position on the same sex marriage business. Very, very informative. Very thought-provoking.

xoxocyh, Your mother,

Anonymous said...

You go, girl. The whole nation will be watching the Florida vote!!

Kathryn said...

Have you been loving Tina on SNL too? I thought the QVC one was the best...

Melanie said...

great to hear from someone I agree with! I voted last week to avoid the craziness of today but Im very excited to watch some news tonight. I take comfort in the fact that the only scandal the liberal media can scrap up is that Sarah Palin has an expensive wardrob! As if Barack, McCain and Hillary dont spend that too! They are running for the highest office in the nation, they appear on tv all over the world of course they are going to have to look their best! Besides, she doesn't get to keep the clothes they blong to the campaign and will probably be auctioned off for charity in the future. Well I feel better after getting that off my chest.

Jen I said...

Yeah, exactly - I'm sure Hillary is spending money on clothes - why doesn't she just get a fashion coordinator or something so that money actually makes her look good? Sarah Palin looks awesome. Whoever is in charge of her wardrobe rocks.

H. said...

By the way, I totally laughed at this post! Thanks for lightening up election-eve.