Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My next purchase

While I was in Utah, I went into a beauty supply store there and saw these new clip-in hair extensions for the first time, called Hairdo. They were created by Ken Paves, who is Jessica Simpson's hairdresser, and she's the marketing tool behind them. They had a sample there that I could try, and I think it was this one she has on - a 23" wavy look. As soon as I put it on I thought, "wow, I really do look like I have Jessica Simpson hair" (just the hair, unfortunately). It helped that my hair also happened to have leftover curl in it, so it blended really well and looked awesome.

The extensions are kind of a circle - the girl at the store told me you're supposed to put the bottom half of your hair in a bun or something and then put the extensions over them, like around the bun. I didn't really like the idea that you just covered up the bottom of your hair, I would rather just add them to it. But I just found this video that shows him demonstrating them, and I was glad to see on the second example that he just added them in and must have not clipped in the bottom part or something, he just lets it blend into her natural hair. They really did look good on. I think the wavy ones looked a little more natural than just the straight ones, but the girl said you would cut or texturize the straight ones a little to make them look more natural. I really should have bought them then, they were cheaper there than I'm seeing online anywhere. And I'm not even sure these are the exact same thing I saw because the ones I saw had colors like wheat and Swedish blond. These are more just like blond, medium blond, etc. Anyway, click here for the video if you want to see it, it's on the right side. And woah - I've never actually heard him talk out loud before. Yikes.

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