Monday, August 11, 2008

Look at us, we're beautiful

If there is one thing Miami is not lacking, it's beautiful people. EVERYWHERE. There is honestly an unbelieveable amount of hotness here. I thought Utah had attractive people. I thought California had attractive people. (Uh, sorry, I did not think New York had attractive people. Unless they were imports from another state.) But Miami has the corner on the beautiful people market. And they're not just cute, pretty, like Utah. They're gorgeous and exotic looking. With AMAZING figures. When you used to look at movie stars and stuff, didn't you think they all had perfect bodies because they were the exception to the rule? That they were rich, so they had time and money to be skinny? Well, that must have been what I told myself, that they were totally unique, and average people never looked like that. Well, here, that is the average.

And frankly, it's impossible to compete. You know, I get ready to go out, think I'm looking pretty decent, and then I get on the elevator here and there's some Brazilian model in a strapless cocktail dress, and suddenly I feel a little deflated. Modestly Mormon dressed me just can't stand a chance next to these people. But I know, it's ok that I'm not a scandalous dresser. It's just much hotter to wear so much more clothing than everyone else does!

Even the people with kids here manage to look totally amazing and chic. They're all back in their bikinis two months after having babies. What? Where are all the normal people? Where are the Utah families, walking around with their 6 kids, all dressed in their Old Navy clothes, the moms carrying around 20 extra pounds from having all her kids 15 months apart, and being obviously frugal because they have so many kids and the moms stay home? These families here are walking around in their skimpy clothes, tatoos, stylish cars, and their beautiful bodies. Sigh.

Oh well. I guess it's just another one of those things that I'll get used to, like the humidity. Maybe I won't even notice them after a few years.

Ryan finally came and walked around the park with us the other night. I told him it was a probably a good show for him - everyone finally got to see the big stud who sired all these babies. I'm pretty sure people always look at us and think, "Haven't they heard of birth control???"


Rachel said...

I won't be offended by the "New York" comment! We sure miss having you in the same state!

The Howick Family said...

yeah, we get those looks all the time - about "haven't these people heard of birth control!" you're so funny, Jen!!!

Rachel said...

Okay, Jen, so I was scanning my MSN page this morning, and noticed an article all about which cities are home of the most beautiful people. And, the winner is........MIAMI! I totally thought of you! It says, "Miami...has the most beautiful people, according to an online survey of 'America's Favorite Cities'...while Philadelphia came in last." CONGRATS, Jen! You are incredibly beautiful...and even more so now that you are in Miami!