Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long-distance relationships

The other day I was talking to Ryan on the phone. We had been discussing the times when he'll be on call, now that he's started work in Miami. Then he said something like, "Well, at least I'll usually be able to be home to help put the kids to bed."
"You will?!?" I said, feeling really ecstatic.
"Yeah, most of the time, I think."
"You'll be able to come home when you're on call to help me put the kids to bed?"
"No, not on call, on regular days."
"What? We were just talking about call days."
"No. Not call days. I can't come home then. Just regular days."
"That's supposed to make me feel better that you'll probably be home by bedtime on regular days? No, that doesn't make me feel better at all."

Then we were talking about the pictures I posted of the kids. Ryan said, "He looks so big!"
"Which one?" I said.
"Oh. Cash? I thought you'd mean one of the babies. You know, the ones who are actually in really high periods of growth?"
"Oh, them? Yeah, I don't really know those guys."

Hmm. Time to go home I guess.


Shannon said...

Scott didn't really know our babies either.

Karen said...

oh so sad.... and yet so true. it all became clear the day that jeremy found out that bennett's tooth had fallen out... 4 days earlier. oh well. that's why you have your kids young when dad's in training, so by the time they really remember him he'll be around... hopefully :o)