Friday, November 16, 2007

Update on the boys

- Ryan: Actually busy this month. Gets up at 5:45 to catch the bus, gets home around 6:30-7. Complains that he comes home, goes to bed and does it again six days a week. Ugh. This is how the rest of you live???
Next month will be doing a ski medicine rotation in Utah. Hopefully more fun at least.

- Cash - What can I say? We adore this little boy. He's learning to be a real monkey though! Watch the video if you want. With the sound up you can hear his crazy language - usually a lot of "dig-a-dig-a-dig-a" sounds, among others.

- Twins - Ultrasound yesterday was relieving. After last time when I was telling someone we found out it was twins they said, "Are you sure??" That totally stopped me in my tracks. Yes, I was sure, wasn't I? There weren't three of us in that room seeing double, were there??? Anyhow, yes, there are still two, still boys, and still look to be identical. One is now head down so instead of 4 feet on my bladder, I've got one set of feet on my bladder and one in my ribcage. Don't know which is worse! Very happily, one of them measures at 1lb 4oz and the other is 1lb 6oz.

- As for the girl - Trying to be grateful that this is probably the good part of my pregnancy. Past all the sickness, and not too ridiculously uncomfortable yet. Thank you to the nice ultrasound tech who told me I still have a little belly for twins! That near 20 lbs doesn't make me think so, nor does the fact that I'm at the point I was at 8 months with Cash, but it was nice to hear anyway.


Lindsey said...

He's darling, Jen! It's so fun to see what other 17 month olds are doing. Fritz is crazy!

Miss you guys!

Corinne said...

That video was a riot. He's such a great kid.

chyayn said...

Fun post! Loved the video...hew so cute!

Shannon said...

Jenn you just wait until all three of your crazy yahoos are running wild. Can't wait for family reunions with the boy cousins. A highly literate friend of mine suggested "Twilight" to me. I was shocked. She would read a book about vampires. I liked it. A good read. I couldn't get into the sequals though.