Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shopping woes, triumphs, and other nonsense

I'm in love with this crib bedding. Or something like it. Of course it's one I can't find on sale or used anywhere. But everything we have, and I mean really everything, is used or borrowed or found on a street corner waiting for the dumpster. Is it so much to ask for one room in my house to actually look put-together? And if I really meant that, it would mean I would need two bedding sets to make the room look complete. Which would be nearly $600 in this case. Ugh. Oh well, I can imagine.

I do however have plans for this quilt that my mom made to match the wall hanging she made from fabrics I brought back from Africa: I want to use it in a toddler bed for Cash and then make the room all cool and African safari-ish with all the stuff I brought back from Africa - wooden carvings, drums, stools, etc. I think it would be a fun theme for a toddler. And finally get all that junk out of my mom's house. :)

In other wants, I really wanted to get a sling this time around with the baby - I don't know if there's any point now that there's two? But I know everyone seems to love and hate different kinds of slings, so it would be nice to also get those used so I could try some different ones without feeling it was a huge investment if I didn't like it. I'm currently liking this one from hotslings:

But it also looks like a it's new one that doesn't seem to be used or on sale. Anyone have other kinds they love?

But, not to just complain about wants, wants, wants, I got some fabulous deals this week shopping - lots of clearance stuff. I am now ready for Miami with 5 new pairs of summery capris - I seriously don't love summer clothes (which is why I hardly have any), but they were about $5.50 on clearance + 20% discount from Old Navy, so that was a big score - getting 5 pairs of pants for less than $30. Although it was somewhat humorous trying on capris thinking, "Ok, if this actually zipped up, it would look...." Plus I got clearance shirts for $6.97 at Gap Maternity last week. Nice.

Then today I scored a really cute dress from Banana Republic that everyone there couldn't help but comment on how cute it looked with my baby belly. And long story short, they gave me $40 off of it (making about $20 total since it was already on sale) using gift cards that I told them I really thought I'd already used online but wasn't sure, but the girl said, "Aw, who cares..." and gave me all the discounts she could anyway! Made my day! I actually think it even looked cuter on me than this girl in the picture, (I don't love it on her as much). But it's a relief for me to find some dresses since last time around being pregnant I faked it with my regular skirts unzipped and long shirts the whole time - definitely don't think that's going to cut it this time.

Partly I was reminded of this because as I've been doing my scrapbook lately, I found this cute picture of me with my friend Brooke on her wedding day (she's the other one pregnant with twin boys):

Ok - holy cow - I was seven months pregnant here! When I saw this picture I was like - dang! What a cute tiny little belly I have! Because mind you, I am already at the same point I was then, being just less than five months pregnant now. Weight-wise, that is, because I'm really certain my belly already looks bigger than that now. Sigh.

So anyway, there you have the ups and downs of my shopping week. Besides the fact that I've been busy stalking Craig's list every day. Got a baby swing, a bundle me cover for the car seat, and I think I'm going to get another crib tomorrow. All in one week. Now I'm still hunting for a second bundle me, slings, a double stroller, another car seat, another baby monitor, and who knows what else. This bargain shopping sure takes a lot of time.


jorgstyle said...

Your blog posts crack me up. I tease Tanya that she skipped a trimester. She looked barely pregnant until around 5 months and then she seemed to look full term overnight. Get ready for that.

Shannon said...

Oh How I wanted everything just perfect for Garrett. I know the struggle. Now it doesn't matter. I just don't want debt. For me the more I look the harder it is. If you don't look you don't know what is out there and how can you miss what you don't know is there? But then do you become frumpy if you do that? Dilemas Huh! Your family always looks great Jenn.

Sarah Fox said...

That is super cute bedding. If there is one thing our meager budget has always made way for, it's the kids room. It's pretty much the only furnished room in our apartment. It's so fun to read your blog. And next time you venture to Chicago, I'll meet you there. We're about an hour away. But no one thinks so because we live in a different state.

Angela said...

You were teeny tiny at 7 months in that picture! That was what I looked like at about 4 months! I am a bargain shopper too, and it is a lot of work. I am sure even harder when you are getting two of everything. My advice is splurge on one or two things you really love, and go cheap on the other stuff that really doesn't matter as much. Easier said than done! I do love your bargain at Banana though. Great dress!

Brooke said...

See it's kind of unfair... I don't get to have that first pregnancy experience where I look smaller for longer. Am I going to look like I'm having twins everytime I get pregnant? Yikes! I am impressed with your Craigs list stalking. It's inspired me to look more often. We've got a lot of stuff to buy...

Anonymous said...

Cute bedding! I love it! Cash looks so cute in that picture! I'm so happy you're having twins! Congratulations!