Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy birthday to me!

Ok, serious brownie points for my husband. Since I'm going out of town, I got some early birthday presents. I have to share my pride in the fact that this is Ryan's best year yet. Usually it's Christmas eve or something and he looks at me and says, "We're not getting each other anything this year - are we??" Then he sits there and asks me exactly what I want. I try to tell him to be creative, but he doesn't really like that. So I was so surprised tonight when I opened my first present and what did I get?? Nothing other than my favorite guilty pleasure!!!

Yes - I got a year subscription to US Weekly, my favorite trash magazine. Seriously, spend a couple years in a hair salon and there's no way to resist getting sucked in by these! I used to be so happy when people would leave old copies at the gym that I could confiscate, since I thought Ryan would never let me buy them (and I wasn't sure I could ever justify it myself). But yea for letting me indulge! That's exactly my kind of present - something you would never get yourself, may never even think of getting, but would totally love it if you had it! He told my that way I can have something to do - and maybe it will even encourage me - to lie around trying to keep these babies in the womb as long as possible. How sweet!

He also got me a cute hat/gloves/scarf combo from Victoria's Secret. Wow - cool that my husband thought to shop for me there!

Anyway, nice work, husband. You've redeemed yourself nicely.


Shannon said...

Way to go on the trash magazines Ryan. That is my kind of gift also. Something you would never buy for yourself. Happy Birthday Jenn.

Kimi said...

You don't speak spanish, do you you? That was my favorite present Andrew has ever gotten me too. When he went to Scout camp for a week, I went to Utah. He made me a little travel kit comprised of trash magazines, candies, pedicure kit, and face masks. It still makes me happy when I think about it.

Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

Oddly...I totally understand your valuing such a weird guilty pleasure. So, super props to a hubby who noticed such an obscure "need". And HAPPY B-day! This next year is going to be a great one for you!!!

Tania said...

My next door neighbor gets US, and I get hers after she's finished with them. I have to admit, I always feel guilty about the time I "wasted" reading it, but it's just about the only thing I do for myself these days. Yay for Ryan for getting you a subscription!