Thursday, October 25, 2007


So my friend Tara from New York was here this past week learning how to cut hair. We didn't get many pictures, mainly because we were so busy trying to get everything in that we never even left the house, but if we had taken more pictures you could have seen lots of mannequin heads around the house getting their hair cut, and both Tara and I with our new dos. (Yes, I actually let her do my hair and it turned out fine!) Cash and her little boy, Eli are only about two weeks apart. It's funny to see the differences though - can you tell which one of our kids is the tv junkie? Seriously, it was so funny to watch Eli trying to hand Cash things during a movie and Cash being like, "Seriously dude, don't bug me. Baby Einstein is on."

Thanks to my super nice husband for being the babysitter all weekend. Here's the boys being taken for a bike ride by Ryan.


Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

Was that a drive she made?? How is Tara? I didnt know she was doing hair. Very cool. Does she have a blog yet?? Do you miss NY? or has it not been long enough to forget all its annoying quirks?? I wanna go back to see people and the city so badly...its just so much harder with kiddos now.(and money aside!)
So, what did you do with your hair??

Kimi said...

Did Ryan ever tell you how much t.v. we used to watch as kids during the summer? We're talking grueling 10 hour days. That's probably where Cash got his interests from. Ask Ryan about Swan's Crossing.

Shannon said...

And Petty Coat Junction. And me trying to get those lazy kids to do any work by bribing them with KFC. Ryan's favorite, did he move from the T.V. NOOOOOOOO! I was so sad eating at KFC without him. Kimi was proud she made it there. Well next year will be triple fun with those kids on Halloween.