Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Last night was the Halloween party at church - the only Halloween festivity we attended since we missed it over the weekend (nothing going on tonight). Cash was a little apprehensive about the whole thing as you can see, but he was a very dutiful waver as prompted, even during the costume parade. We did manage to crack a few wary smiles.

And since I don't know that I will ever be creative enough or take the time enough to home-make mine or my kids costumes, I must pay homage to those that do. Here's my friend LuAnn with her husband Jeff and their baby Simon as Marge, Homer and Maggie Simpson (they figured the only time they could get away with dressing Simon as a girl without permanently scarring him), and Harrison, Cash's little friend next door as Mr. Peanut, complete with the hanging monacle to go over his eye:


liz said...

too cute!!!! good pick- original. that's important in a kid's costume I think. ;-)

p.s. your sizzler comment cracked me up!

sarahdavemalcolm said...

I love the Marge hair.

sarah starr said...

Malcolm liked watching the video.

LuAnn said...

I kind of feel like I have to give the same schpeel (sp?) that I gave everyone we saw on Halloween who seemed to wonder why our son was dressed as a girl (but were a little afraid to ask)...we already had the Marge and Homer costumes from a few years ago. It just seemed too perfect to put Maggie into the mix...he could have been Bart but he isn't even walking yet. But rest at ease...he is getting a soccer ball birthday cake on Friday and the party is all boy!

Lori said...

Cash looks great in his costume!!

Happy Halloween!
Lori Woodley

Winnie said...

Cute costume on Cash.