Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So we had another great time in Chicago this weekend. Hit the Magnificent Mile for some good shopping, went to the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry, enjoyed some beautiful fall weather, and caught up with old friends. I'm sad to think it may be our last time down to Chicago. Ryan's November is actually busy, believe it or not, and we're going to Utah for all of December. Maybe January, but it would be pretty cold. Then after February life as we know it will be drastically different....

Pictures - eating with my friend LuAnn in a cafe on Michigan Avenue.

"American Gothic" at the Art Museum

The German U-boat captured by the U.S. during WWII in the Museum of Science and Industry

Eating lunch with my old roommate Angela (sorry old friends - I meant to get a picture with her boyfriend in it too (sounds serious!), but he left before I remembered).


Anonymous said...

Such a cute little darling. Dawson and Carter just dropped by on Halloween night and were able to see the little guy. They looked great and were very scary. I didn't even recognize them on the doorstep. I have WAY too much candy left over!


Gavin and Shawna McEwan said...

you are the cutest prego i have seen ina long while!!! how fun to go to chicago...i miss being able to do quick weekend fun!!

Shannon said...

Where are those twins hiding? LUCKY! Man I am an awful looking pregnant woman. Glad you had such a nice time in Chicago.

Corinne said...

MAN. I do love Chicago. You went to my favorite places :) Glad you had a great time. And good choice to NOT go there in Jan. - SO FREEZING