Friday, October 12, 2007

Dreaming of the future

So sometimes Ryan and I think about things we would like in our future house (as in way in the future). I think we'd like to live set back from the road a bit, and definitely not 6 feet away from our next door neighbors like we are now. So in that setting, I love these fences in central park, with the occasional bench built in. I think they're so charming!

Of course there are a million things we talk about and would love, but currently, I can't get past one issue. I know the free-standing bathroom sinks look so nice, but right now, after four years of having no more than a two-inch circumference around the sink for any sort of counter space - I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR SOME SURFACE AREA? At least this house we're in has the one cupboard over the toilet for storage - but that has further contributed to my problem, really. Between that, and having to use the back of the toilet to put stuff on for lack of other counter space - can I tell you how many things have ended up in the toilet over 4 years???? Gross. I'm tired of it. And forget looks, I just want to set the toothpaste down somewhere if I feel like it, and to not have to fish it out of the toilet 30 seconds later. Am I just clumsy, or does anyone else have this problem?


Kimi said...

We have the same problem with the toilet. We do have storage space in our bathroom, but it is all open shelving above the toilet. Andrew gets angry on a daily basis about knocking things off the shelves. It's a really poor setup. I feel your pain.

Shannon said...

Shut the toilet lid. Tha's what I said last time the chapstick fell in. Jen let me design your bathroom when the time comes. I am all about good design. I am happy with my pedestal sink. But, I don't really use much of anything in the bathroom that needs to be set on a counter top. Plain Jane me. I like the looks and cleanliness of the pedestal.

sarah starr said...

I remember that day in Central Park. Some day, some least we don't have the purple industrial carpet anymore.

Jen I said...

Ha ha, funny Sarah - at least YOU don't have the purple industrial carpet anymore!
Yeah, shut the lid, good idea - I don't know why I hate doing that though. I guess I hate touching a toilet any more than I have to. Plus I don't always check before I sit, and getting a full cheek spread on a cold toilet lid is pretty unpleasant.
The funny thing is I don't really even get ready in the bathroom, so it's not like I have a ton of stuff I'm trying to set on the counter either. But when I do, they have a high likelihood of ending up in the toilet! Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll work on them!

Susie said...

We have another rule on Murphy's list and that is: If the the toilet lid is open, something will fall in!

sarah starr said...

Do you have purple industrial carpet in your new place too? What are the chances?