Monday, November 28, 2011

Picture catch up

My mom has been begging me to post a picture of Cash dressed as a Mormon pioneer. It was the multicultural day at school and you were supposed to come dressed representing your heritage. At first I thought, oh great, everyone is going have all this great stuff from their Latin countries and Cash is going to be the kid in blue jeans representing the "Average White American Kid."  Then I thought I'd make it a little more interesting and go with our Mormon pioneer heritage. He was pretty stinking cute.

Boys trying to get some shade at the pool:

The twins with their preschool friends:

Just playing:


Loved that these three happened to be snuggled up reading a book and all wearing red:

I love watching these two sleep. I often go in to find one of them sleeping with their foot across the other one's face.  Can't you just imagine them in the womb like this?


I mentioned we've been to Disneyworld a few times now since we got annual passes. It's been fun...and exhausting. I'm not really sure Ryan and I can keep it up cause man it wears you out. Hauling all those kids and all that stuff on and off of trams all day, standing in line, etc. Plus we usually drive home after and so get back to Miami at like 1am and are totally wiped out. Even with that said, I still am wanting to go again since it's been a few weeks!

Watching the parade (we've even dragged Grammy along):

And we've managed to see it decorated for different seasons now:



Although this poor kid is just like, why am I here and where is my bed? And why on earth am I still up at this hour?  He doesn't love it, although he had some pretty good squeals watching Mickey in the parade.



Shoot, that safari ride in the Animal Kingdom is pretty good. Took us a week on safari in Africa to see the Big Five, and you can get it in 20 minutes at Disneyworld.



And this would be the biggest reason Ryan and I may not last through many more of these trips:

Yeah, we were so sore the next day from carrying babies and kids all day long!  Next time I'll insist we get one of those big Disney strollers for the older kids. We thought they could hack it but man were they whiney. But then we looked down and realized that they had to take three steps for every one of Ryan's - that really is a lot of walking. 

Ryan and I got to go in one morning and stay for breakfast at Cash's school during spirit week.  It was "mix and match tacky" day.  He couldn't get the idea of trying to not match (I swear it would have happened naturally had I not tried to tell him about it), but we at least got him to try to look goofy and it was pretty funny. (Um, not to mention all the parents didn't recognize me out of my pajamas.)

And we got to go one night for his exhibit night at school.


And man, we thought the tub was getting snug before with three men in a tub....


AnnaMarie said...

Oh my goodness is that baby getting big! He's just adorable. And I love your Disneyland pictures. It tires me out just to look at them. You have to do it if you live in Florida (or CA), though! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the post! What great pictures. So much fun! Thank you!!!! Made our night. Carter read the blog outloud for 15 minutes. Now that's what we call fun reading for homework!!!!


Anonymous said...

I sat and chuckled out loud for a good 30 seconds when I saw that last picture.

Anonymous said...

I love that pioneer boy and all his brothers! What a great group of photos.

Geoff and Bets said...

hehehe. love this post. i esp liek the one where cash is standing next to his drawing. such a proud boy.

Heather said...

So fun to see what you guys have been up to and see pics of the boys. They change so fast! I'm very impressed how brave you are to take four little ones to Disneyworld. Are you guys coming out to Utah for Christmas this year? I have to admit I'm definitely jealous seeing the beautiful weather in Florida this time of year. That is one thing we definitely miss!

Melanie said...

What a good post! It almost seems like Miami is a great place.

Anonymous said...

When I enlarged the photo of Cash showing his family drawing, I think I noticed that he wrote "Brothers" for the twins. I think that is sweet that he has continued with that reference to them. Am I seeing it correctly? Could not find my magnifying glass.