Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random thoughts while the hubby is away

My husband is away for the weekend at a cataract conference.  There are lots of reasons this is bad for me.
A. He left me alone with an entire thing of flan that one of his patients brought him. I never considered myself a real flan fan, but this stuff is good.  Realizing my days of not caring how many calories I'm taking in are numbered, I also pulled out a jar of Nutella that I happened to spy hiding in my cupboards.  (I'm sure I was hiding it from myself. At least it worked for a while.) I seem take in lots of comfort food when the hubby leaves me by myself with the kids.
B. I can't ever manage to go to bed at a decent hour when he's not home. I don't know why this is, but I always stay up later when he's gone and can't force myself into bed. Then I'm mad that I got so little sleep when he was gone when really I should be taking advantage of the lack of all the flopping and twitching next to me in bed and actually get a good night's sleep.
    But perhaps it's because when he's home, he's always on the computer at nights, so when he's gone I finally get a turn.  So I've been looking at baby names for hours now.  I never ask for opinions on names since I may name my child that and I'll probably remember what you said about it (case in point:  first child, gender unknown. Mom keeps sending me lists of names. Finally tell her she can stop sending names since we've decided if it's a girl it's Audrey, if it's a boy it's Cash.  Reply email:  "Then I will pray for a girl.")
    So since familiarity breeds acceptance, back at Christmas I started mentioning to the family that we like the name Diesel.  So I will mention it again since it is still on the list.  :)   And by the way, yes, it is a fuel.  And yes it is an engine. I am aware. 
   But, it was so named after it's inventor, Rudolf Diesel, so it is first of all a surname (like all the rest of our kids names), and an increasingly popular first name in the U.S. and especially in Germany, Belgium and Australia.  (Although I'm not really sure how big the population in Australia is, so saying it's the 118th most popular boy's name may mean there are like, 5 kids with that name.) And yes, I've also heard it's a dogs name. But Max is the number one dog's name in the U.S. too, and do people say that to everyone that names their child Max? 
    But we also like Keaton, and Anderson, and Crosby, and who knows what else.  I guess I should say I like a lot of names. Ryan isn't much for agreement or suggestion which puts us at quite the standstill most of the time, but he has admitted he likes Diesel and Keaton, which is why I will mention them again so your brain can familiarize itself just in case.  :)  Phoenix and Cash sit in the car arguing back and forth over it.  Cash: "Keaton."  Phoenix: "NO. Diesel." Cash: "NO. Keaton."  Phoenix: "NO. Baby Diesel."  I never knew they would be so opinionated.

Back to my list.
C.  It would be prudent if Ryan was home so we could go car shopping.  No, we will no longer fit in the Xterra, sad as it is.  But yes, we will finally become a 2-car family again which will be nice.  I do have dreams though that I'm at the hospital and panicking that we don't have a car to come home in. And since everyone asks, we will probably get a Honda Odyssey.  With a DVD player if I get my way.
D. I have been sick.  And am 35 weeks pregnant, did I mention that?
E. I am uncomfortable and tired. And have 3 kids to take care of. And am still 35 weeks pregnant.
F. My house is dirty and I am, once again 35 weeks pregnant and will not be bending my big bootie over anytime soon to scrub the floors that haven't been cleaned since, oh, before I left for Christmas....  (I did make Ryan get me a Groupon for housecleaning for Christmas - I just called to get an appointment and they said they were booked until March!?!  Blast.)

So alas, I sit here to the melodious sounds of a child who has been screaming bloody murder in his bed for the last hour, contemplating hitting church alone again tomorrow, watching alien movements taking over my abdomen (seriously this kid shakes the bed at night he moves so wildly)....and wondering how soon the hubby will return.


Allysha said...

35 weeks! That's close to the end. I'm sure it hasn't gone by fast for you, but wow! Good luck with everything. I am the same way when Ben is away. I eat junk and stay up way too late.

Shannon said...

I like both names. Thinking of you in your last weeks.

Goeb Life said...

Jen, I cannot believe all that you do. :) And, I LOVE the name Diesal! Fits in so well with your other names, and it sounds tough. Your pregnancy has gone by very fast, for me. ;) I can't wait to hear what you name him.

Lima Bean said...

I also like the name Anderson but Jeff won't agree to it because says I only like it because I have a secret crush on Anderson Cooper which may or may not be true. =) Since I am in the same dilemma you're in, trying to come up with the 4th boy name when I have a billion girl names that I love, I feel your pain. I have a bit more time than you, but actually I wish I was 35 weeks along instead of only 20. . . sigh. pregnancy sucks.

AnnaMarie said...

Sounds very familiar...I actually have a hard time when Tyler's home in the evenings, because then I sit around and watch TV or do something with him until late, and then do my things--exercise & blog--when he goes to bed. I like all the names you listed, and it's not like you could name the 4th son John after the first three get cool names. :) Good luck these last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I am a school teacher - hence, I am familiar with TONS of names. Both Diesel and Keaton would be refreshing!

Goeb Life said...

I forgot to tell you that the Odyssey is the bomb! So great.... I would definitely go with the EX-L with RES (DVD player). Leather for the spills and the DVD is a must with four kids!!

Jenny said...

Hi Jen
I'm back in town and coming over to clean. I'll call you soon. Can't wait to scrub.

SuburbiaMom said...

I stay up late when the Mr. is gone too. 35 weeks--you're in the home stretch!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, for those who wonder, it is Phoenix who chews the ears (stinky) off his dog blankie! Ashton carries around a white silky blanket on occasion - through airports, etc., etc.


LuAnn said...

I kind of like when people that say they'd never get a mini van then get one. I feel validated and really smart since I have been saying for years they are the way to go. I will like any name you choose... did I miss that you don't know the gender? Guess it reveals that I never actually make it to the end of your posts. Anyway...I've been wanting to chat with you so you should call sometime. I'll try you again soon.

Love you!